August 2014 Music Roundup

The Indie Mine August 2014 Music Roundup

The British Invasion is back! Or at least it seems to be with the sampling of music that came our way in August. London must be a non-stop dance party with the volume of new releases hitting the internet and airwaves. We still received our fair share of music from all over the world, so be sure to check out all of the tracks and albums starting with our own staff picks for August.



Staff Picks


Single(s) of the Month:

“Good Morning” - Terracotta Blue

A lot of solo electronica artists either bore you with minimalism or assault you with too much noise. Thankfully, Terracotta Blue, of Maryland, lives in a market space called 'chillwave' and exercises careful restraint and learned curation. "Good Morning", the last single from his incremental Purple Summer releases, builds a deliberate groove not unlike the best symphonic themes. The song is exactly like a summer romance, getting your attention, winning your heart, and then breaking it because the summer's over and you just want more. How can this wordless courtship be only two minutes long? Listen over and over again above.


“I’ll Be Your” – Tallest Tree

Canadian music-makers (and July's pick of the month) The Tallest Tree have recently unveiled their second single, "I'll Be Your", a rollicking folk-rock track peppered with ukelele and just the right amount of intimacy. While I think the single could've done without the kazoo-like trumpet solo, it's nice to see the duo taking risks and incorporating a few more layers into their soundscape. A definitive step-up from their first release, the track turns the spotlight on Dawn's vocal abilities, but the song still retains the same Noah and the Whale-quality present in "Boat". Give the home-spun music video for "I'll Be Your (For You)" a watch on Youtube or have a listen via Soundcloud.


“Seaside” – Duke Evers

I had an agonizing time making my single pick this month, changing my mind no fewer than three times. Oh So Quiet and Tankus the Henge were both in the running, but in the end I went with relative newcomer Duke Evers. The Seattle-based indie rock duo recently released single "Seaside" off their upcoming album Handful of Pennies. The song is full of energy and soul and gave off a bit of a Paul Simon feel, though influences from newer bands like Kings of Leon or Arctic Monkeys can be found. In any case, it's made me eager for the full album release in late September. Might we see another staff pick then? Check back in a month or so to see.



Album(s) of the Month:

EP2 - Honeyrunners

Let's get this out of the way first: Yes, their bassist is really named Michael Bolton. The Honeyrunners, of Toronto, are peeking out at you from behind self-declared love for southern rock, affection for Motown and the energy of funk. What they completely fail to hide is the amount of craft and skill that goes into a nearly perfect set of songs on their second barely-titled EP. Seamless four-part harmonies make way only for Marcus Bucci's lyrical, conversational guitar, and everything is held together in a warm gospel embrace by Dan Dwoskin's earthy keyboards. I dare you not to listen to the track "Hold Me" without looking for someone to pull close. Search on the text string 'EP2' if you go looking for this record electronically, because mere language doesn't seem to handle the lazy labeling.

Toronto rockers The Honeyrunners have just released their second album, EP 2, which probably deserves a less generic title. The five-track pseudo-soul/blues rock EP, rife with radio-quality hooks and clean-shaven harmonies, harkens back to alternative rock predecessors like The Raconteurs or Jet, but with a little less attitude. Like most works of the genre, the soul comes off a little put-on to me, and I think the album would benefit from a little less twang and little more grit. That said, EP 2 certainly doesn't lack energy nor production value, and The Honeyrunners' EP 2 is a shining example of modern blues-influenced alternative rock. The full album can be streamed on Soundcloud or purchased on Amazon, iTunes, or Bandcamp.


From Now On - Azwel

In what turned out to be another tough choice, Kye Alfred Hillig's wonderfully folksy and humorous album The Buddhist was barely edged out by From Now On from Azwel. Azwel is the project of home studio musician Jason Perillo, a veteran of 10+ years. The album is a delightful blending of pop and rock influences from the last few decades including a strong draw from the British pop scene. The tracks tend to alternate between an upbeat and low-key feel, and that push and pull helps keep the album entertaining from start to finish.


Other Music


Londoners Tankus the Henge release multi-genre-inspired single “Recurring Dream

Punk/grunge band The Dirty Nil continue a prolific 2014 with new single “Cinnamon

London-based, indie rock sextet Oh So Quiet follow up debut album with new single “Collided” and B-side “Inure”

English alt rock band The Mcooleys release single “What Happened Tonight” off album Empty Blue Skies

Singer-songwriter Scarlet Baxter unveils new single “Backsliding” from upcoming EP Stuck

Indie rock act Vagabond Flag release lo-fi, politically-motivated single “Not Afraid

Dance single “Music With You” featuring O-Dog released by Tech Warriors

Pop act Oxford Style returns with stylish single “Halcyon Days

The Emsee releases new hip hop single “Rap Squared

Debut single “Blue Tempest” released by dream-folk duo AERS

Leo and the Tolstoys release single “Casablanca” off upcoming “vintage rock” album

New York-based The Cabana Kids release retro-filled new single “Just Let Me Know



Juicebox releases Assorted Flavors EP blending neurofunk soundscapes and techstep drum work

Electronic musician Chris Kaz releases self-titled, debut album

Post-hardcore/alt rock band Pavilions release new album The Futures Mine to Make

Pop/rock artist Lettie partners with Dave Barbarossa to create new 3-track EP Crossroads

Former Indie Mine staff pick and folk musician Kye Alfred Hillig releases 2nd album of 2014, The Buddhist

Baltimore Club musician Might Mark releases first official EP Mighty

Scranton, PA indie rock band A Social State release second full length record How to Get to Heaven

Russian Winter Records announce release of 10-artist compilation The Alternative

Experimental pop artist Jessica Chase releases debut EP Coming Down

Alt rock/soul artists Black Lady Soul release self-titled debut album

Debut, self-titled album released by London acoustic duo Fireflies

80s-influenced act DigitalNativeDance releases full-length 4-track EP Los Canerreos

Acoustic singer-songwriter Liam McClair releases EP Honey


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