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Survivalist Review

Attempt to survive in a zombie-devastated sandbox world in Survivalist for Xbox.

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Magicians and Looters Review

For those looking for a Metroidvania experience, look no further. Magicians and Looters does not disappoint.

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Hive Review

We go into the world of Hive to experience a new kind of board game.

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Rise of the Ravager by Gentleman Squid Studio

Rise of the Ravager Review

Elements of Missile Command, Ikaruga, and more can be found in this entertaining game.

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Wyv & Keep Review

A new puzzle game set in the Amazonian jungle, but how fun is the search for the treasure?

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DLC Quest by Going Loud Studios

DLC Quest Review

The game that satirizes games is back with some new tricks.

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King Swing by Crosse Studio for Xbox

King Swing Review

Do monkeys, piranhas, and global leaderboards equate to success? Find out in our review.

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Arcadecraft by Firebase Industries

Arcadecraft Review

How would you handle the meteoric rise and fall of the early 80s arcade industry?

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Squadron Scramble for Xbox by Depth Charge Software

Squadron Scramble Review

This unassuming title is a must-play party game.

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Straco by Not Very Original for Xbox

Straco: Episode One Review

Straco blends tower defense with straight up twin-stick shooting action. But does it work?

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