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IABL Mario Kart

It’s A Bit Like… Mario Kart 8

Like kart racing games? Here’s a selection of indie racers that will fulfill your need for speed.

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It's a bit like XCOM

It’s A Bit Like… XCOM

XCOM fan? Here are six games that are a bit like everyone’s favourite alien slaying series.

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DS2 Featured

It’s A Bit Like… Dark Souls 2

Completed Dark Souls 2 already? Here’s a bunch of similar indie games you may want to take a gander at.

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2014 Top Picks Featured

Most Anticipated Games Of 2014

The new year is upon us, so what better way to celebrate than by looking forward to what 2014 has in store for indie gaming.

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Paid Reviews

Paid Game Reviews: A Step in the Wrong Direction

A frank look into what causes a publication to charge for coverage and what this means for you.

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GBJam Top Picks

Let nostalgia come flooding back to you as we show off some of the best submissions to this year’s GameBoy Jam.

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Walking Dead Game Jam Featured

‘The Walking Dead: All Out War’ Game Jam Top Picks

The winners of The Walking Dead Game Jam are being picked right now! We look at 5 of our favorite submissions.

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Hellboy Studios

Guest Post: Hellboy Studios’ Game Dev Tutorial – Vol. 4

Mike Knight of Hellboy Studios finishes off his game development series with a discussion on publishing.

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Indie Game Developer Network Logo

The Indie Game Developer Network at Gen Con 2013

No electricity? No problem. The Indie Game Developer Network has your independent tabletop board games and RPGs.

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Hellboy Studios dev blog by Mike Knight

Guest Post: Hellboy Studios’ Game Dev Tutorial – Vol. 3

Indie dev Mike Knight shares the finer points of designing a game’s icon.

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