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The Ice Cap and the Rift – Book Review

Action-adventure with a mystical sci-fi twist that promises a lot, but can it deliver?

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The Vitandi – Book Review

Paranormal romance and supernatural thriller collide in The Vitandi. Can Denver Batiste pull off this delicate balancing act?

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Constantinopolis – Book Review

Two leaders of different faiths clash as they lay claim to Constantinople in this fascinating historical fiction novel by James D. Shipman.

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Empower: Fight Like A Girl cover

Empower: Fight Like A Girl to Fund Lupus Foundation of America

Talented female television writers band together to create a book in support of Lupus Awareness Month.

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O’Leary’s Luck by Teel James Glenn

If you’re a fan of pulp crime books, O’Leary’s Luck has its eyes set on you. But is it worth your time?

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Paying Piper by Ilana Waters

Paying Piper Review

A family-friendly retelling of a fairy tale classic.

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Untimed Review

A new young adult series featuring a unique twist on the time travel plot

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Interview with The Adventures of Stanley Delacourt author Ilana Waters

Could Stanley Delacourt be the next Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen?

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Announcing the Fiction Frolic bookraiser and giveaway

Authors band together to help promote literacy, and we’re helping host a giveaway.

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Interview with Morrigans's Shadows author Michelle Barclay

Interview with Morrigan’s Shadows Author Michelle Barclay

New horror author shares wisdom about the writing process.

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