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Blood of the Werewolf

Blood of the Werewolf Preview

A white-knuckle, action-packed platformer featuring classic golden age movie monsters.

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Eden Industries launches Garden of Indie

Eden Industries launches Garden of Indie initiative

Veteran studio starts program to aid development community.

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Announcing the Indie Dev Grant

Latest bundle promotion helps fund an indie developer grant.

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BlazeJam raises money for Colorado Red Cross

Fundraiser successfully raises money for recent Colorado fire victims.

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2012 Independent Games Festival Awards

2012 Independent Games Festival Award Winners

The 2012 Independent Games Festival award winners have been announced.

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PlayStation SDK Open Beta

PlayStation SDK Open Beta Announced

Sony announces the open beta for their PlayStation SDK.

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Okabu Impressions

Okabu? I barely know you.

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Eufloria Impressions

An RTS that’s not for RTS fans. That might not be a very big market

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