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Interview: Joe Woynillowicz from Creoterra

Joe Woynillowicz talks to us about the immersive fantasy world of Creoterra’s debut game: Empyrios – Prophecy of Flame

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The Indie Mine August 2014 Music Roundup

August 2014 Music Roundup

The Brits are back in full force in our August Music Roundup. Check out all of the new releases and our staff picks.

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The Universe Builders – Book Review

Prepare to enter a world where gods build universes. Steve LeBel’s engaging YA novel is a compulsive page turner.

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The Indie Mine's July 2014 Music Roundup

July 2014 Music Roundup

The Indie Mine staff highlight the best and brightest in July’s music releases.

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The Ice Cap and the Rift – Book Review

Action-adventure with a mystical sci-fi twist that promises a lot, but can it deliver?

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The Vitandi – Book Review

Paranormal romance and supernatural thriller collide in The Vitandi. Can Denver Batiste pull off this delicate balancing act?

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The Indie Mine January 2014 Music Roundup

January 2014 Music Roundup

January’s Music Roundup mixes up the formula with our very first set of staff picks for the month.

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Fortify: Special Edition by Holgersson Entertainment

Fortify: Special Edition Review

Fortify: Special Edition offers a solid tower defense experience with a bit of RTS tossed in.

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Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle and Giveaway

BIAB partners with Ordinary Gamer to provide 11 awesome games and to support charities.

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The Indie Strategy Bundle from Bundle In A Box

The Indie Strategy Bundle and Giveaway

Bundle In A Box is back with a bundle tailor-made for strategy game fans.

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