Game Review Score Database

Interested in finding out which games rated best or worst at The Indie Mine? Want to see how many games we’ve reviewed from a particular development studio? Then check out our table of review scores below.


  • If a game is listed as having a score of “No Score”, that means the review pre-dates our scoring system.
  • Although some games in this list are multi-platform, the games are listed with the platform they were reviewed on.
  • Games were rated at the time the review took place. The review scores do not take into account any updates or DLC released after the publication date of the review.


Title Platform Developer Score (out of 5)
Bret Airborne PC Machine 22 4
The Adventures of Rubberkid Browser-Based Cataclysm Games 2
Drox Operative PC Soldak Entertainment 4
Machines at War 3 PC Isotope 244 3
PUK Android Laser Dog Games 5
DLC Quest PC Going Loud Studios 4
Kerbal Space Program Linux Squad 4
Ball of Woe iOS Doppler Interactive 3
Dungeon Plunder iOS Dominic Duchesne 4
King Swing Xbox Crosse Studio 3
Hungry Slimes Android Annahid Games 3
Jones On Fire iOS Glass Bottom Games 3
Arcadecraft Xbox Firebase Industries 3
Finger Hoola iOS Plant Pot 4
Drip Drip PC Imminent Games 4
Squadron Scramble Xbox Depth Charge Software 5
Straco: Episode 1 Xbox Not Very Original 2
Pangolin iOS Feedtank 5
Hashi Puzzles: Bridges & Islands iOS Frozax Games 3
Aeternum Xbox Wasted Brilliance 4
Entropy Xbox Autotivity Entertainment 4
Pushcat PC Zut 4
TicToe Fury iOS wOzy 4
Buddha Finger iOS Lady Shotgun Games 4
Xenominer Xbox Gristmill Studios 4
Pixel Xbox Ratchet Game Studio 2
Brimstone: Heroes' Might Xbox Punchbag Entertainment 4
Gateways Xbox  Smudged Cat Games 5
St. Chicken PC Fresh Aces 2
FTL PC Subset Games 5
City Tuesday Xbox Return To Adventure Mountain 3
Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos Xbox Andreas Heydeck Games 4
Sententia Xbox MichaelArts 1
Diehard Dungeon Xbox tricktale 5
qrth-phyl Xbox hermitgames 3
Gua-Le-Ni iOS Double Jungle 4
Obsessive Collecting Disorder Xbox Hyped Hamster 4
Organ Trail iOS The Men Who Wear Many Hats 4
Unstoppable Fist iOS Ragtag Studio 3
Gemclusion Android Flaming Hammer Games 4
Compromised Xbox Super Soul 3
THORG: The Hidden Object Roleplaying Game iOS Armaan Khan 3
Thomas Was Alone PC Mike Bithell 4
Aqualibrium Xbox Archifishal Software 3
The Adventures of Shuggy PC  Smudged Cat Games 3
Chompy Chomp Chomp Xbox Utopian World of Sandwiches 3
Terraform PC Holgersson Entertainment 4
Insane Zombie Carnage PC Playberries 2
Dark Scavenger PC Psydra Games 3
Avernum: Escape from the Pit PC Spiderweb Software 3
Reflexio PC Box Jellyfish Studios 4
A Valley Without Wind PC Arcen Games 4
Collaptris Android Flaming Hammer Games 4
10 Amazingly Awful Games Volume 2 Xbox Boddicker Games 2
Spoids Xbox AirWave Games 4
Craftimals: Build to the Sun Xbox Roppy Chop Studios 1
Super Ninja Warrior Extreme Xbox Ho-Hum Games 5
The Search for Amelia Earhart iOS Big Fish Games 3
Oil Magnate Xbox Swissplayers Game Studios 3
Zombie Crossing Xbox TNT 2
Flycatcher Xbox Stockton 2
Telepath RPG Servants of God PC Sinister Design 4
BeeJuice iOS Anselm Scholz 3
Union of Armstrong Xbox Domain of the Infinite 2
Bub Block Xbox Roppy Chop Studios 2
EvilQuest Xbox Chaosoft Games 4
VolChaos Xbox  Fun Infused Games 3
Growing Pains Xbox Smudged Cat Games 4
Octopede PC Orbital Games 3
Antipole Xbox Saturnine Games 4
Hypership Out Of Control iOS Fun Infused Games 4
Wizorb Xbox Tribute Games 3
There Will Be Brains Xbox David Parker 3
The Binding of Isaac PC Team Meat 4
The Fall of Gods Xbox Geex Games 2
SpeedRunner HD Xbox DoubleDutch Games 4
Take Arms Xbox Discord Games No Score
Terraria PC Re-Logic No Score
Doom & Destiny Xbox HeartBit Interactive No Score
T.E.C. 3001 Xbox Phoenix Game Studio No Score
Cute Things Dying Violently Xbox ApathyWorks No Score
Battle High: San Bruno Xbox Mattrified Games No Score
Avatar Farm! Xbox Milkstone Studios No Score
Pulse: Volume 1 iOS Cipher Prime Studios No Score