June 2014 Music Roundup

The Indie Mine's June 2014 Music Roundup

There’s a special joy in pulling together this monthly feature and going over all of the emails and music submissions. One of the best parts is seeing up-and-coming musicians continue to produce music month after month and year after year. June’s Music Roundup includes a number of musicians that have been featured here before. For some, it’s their third or fourth trip back. That being said, there’s also a number of great new artists making their debut appearance on The Indie Mine.

In all, this was our biggest month ever for music. We hope you’ll take the time to check out our Staff Picks and all of the other deserving bands included a little further down. Let us know what your Song of Summer is by leaving a comment. Happy listening!



Staff Picks


Single(s) of the Month:

“Help Yourself” – Go Life

Go Life has returned with a brand new single just in time for the summer. \“Help Yourself\” is a relaxing, down-tempo track that features mellow electronic drum beats and dreamy vocals. In just a few months, Rhys Viney’s presence as a solo artist has grown exponentially, delivering a rich listening experiencing for fans of chillwave and dream pop..


“What the French Call ‘Les Incompétents’” - Waterbodies

Ontario garage rock trio Waterbodies put out a fresh track this month, \“What the French Call 'Les Incompétents'", whose name is a homage to the 90's classic Home Alone. Despite the somewhat trite lyricism, the single has a great balance of pumping bass and distortion, reminiscent of Favourite Worst Nightmare-era Arctic Monkeys, and The Wombats-style \“woo woos\”. Give it a listen on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.


“Hades” – Fitness Club Fiasco

Picking a favorite single this month was an arduous task. A number of musicians made return trips to the Music Roundup with worthy releases. Honorable mentions go out to Jonny Debt and Kings of Lowertown, but my pick this month is "Hades" by Toronto-based Fitness Club Fiasco. Last June, the band produced one of my favorite tracks of 2013 in "Goldmine", and "Hades" marks the 2nd release from their upcoming album. While the new song employs the underlying synthpop sound and generous use of harmonies that have become the band's signature style, "Hades" marks a departure in tone, moving from a high energy arrangement to a low-key feel. I'm eager to hear what FCF has up their sleeve next.



Album(s) of the Month:

Rocky - Wonder Villains

Derry City party-pop quartet Wonder Villains released their first full-length record, Rocky, on the 23rd, whose track list features my pick for single of the month back in February, \“Marshall\”, along with an almost definitive catalog of their previously released hits, including \“TV\”, \“33\”, and \“Zola\”. The central part of the album encompasses the extent of their new material, which is unfortunately weak, but passable, in comparison. The new songs, including \“Fiction\”, a sad, sparkling, Imogen Heap-like slow jam, diverge from their typically energetic, upbeat fare and take a turn towards melancholy. Despite the piecemeal nature of the album, Rocky is standout for June and certainly deserves a listen or two (or twelve), particularly if you're unfamiliar with Wonder Villains' previous releases. Rocky is available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon.



EP 1 – Gdansk

Gdansk’s EP 1 is a polished mix of the ethereal and deep. The Toronto quartet blends dark and brooding elements with beautiful melodies that create a haunting atmosphere. The opening track, \“Mariner’s Cross\” sets the tone with a slow and deliberate drum beat, balanced by the gentle melodies and soothing vocals. As the EP progresses, there is a noticeable increase in intensity, particularly with \“Babel\”. EP 1 closes with \“Live Away\” which is both heartfelt and uplifting, bringing the entire EP full circle..


Mary – Ivory Hours

Ivory Hours' 6-track EP Mary is a bit of a strange animal. By and large, the alt pop group maintains a catchy, upbeat sound throughout the setlist.  However, many of the songs include themes of loss and sadness. It's an interesting juxtaposition and just one reason I selected the EP as my staff pick for the month. Lovely harmonies featuring vocalists Luke and Annie Roes pervade each of the tracks. The instrumental work shines as well. I particularly enjoyed the bass line on "Young Blood" and the opening guitar licks of "The Attic". It all spells a successful release for the talented musicians from London, Ontario.




Other Music


By Definition releases rock/metal single “Warrior” off album The Concerns of Moral Man

Single “Salo” marks the debut of Paul Nicholson’s new pop, piano-led act Oxford Style

2-piece grunge/punk band MAD ONES release “Leather Rug“, lead single off upcoming LP Sanciety

Soulful indie pop act Wayne William releases new single “Don’t Fade Away” from upcoming album The Parade

Canadian rocker Jonny Debt releases “Purple Heart“, s single seven years in the making

Kings of Lowertown record gritty new single “Blues Haul” in an Ottawa Valley farmhouse

Metal bands Wolvhammer and Krieg release 7″ split

Kye Alfred Hillig creates “Licorice the Dog” demo during sprint tour

Seattle-based troubadour Daniel G. Harmann records live version of single “Foreverever

With a music video banned in Turkey, The Shanks release single “German Heavy Metal Girl

Terracotta Blue continues his series of Purple Summer singles with “Last Night



Indie pop duo Six Years readies release of new album Rivers

Four-piece, all girl, blues rock band Rouge releases four-track EP Edge of the Bed

Edinburgh’s Wozniak releases shoegaze/post-punk EP Pikes Peak

Manufactured Consent marks third release from London-based septet State of Play

Disco visionary Rayko releases 10-track album Rebirth

High energy pop rock band Tokyo Taboo release new EP Porno Star

Canadian musician riot nrrd releases 14-track song-cycle settle

Shoegaze/rock/pop artists Ceremony release new EP Birds

New England brother duo The Cautious Arc release self-titled debut album

Dance music veteran Bobmo releases club/acid techno album New Dawn

After multiple single releases in 2014, 5j Barrow releases From the Dim, Sweet Light

Psychedelic rock band The Eye Jabs release new modern garage rock album Songs From the Fourth Dimension

House music specialist Tunnelvision follows up first EP of 2014 with first full album, Sky Swallower

Brooklyn-based, multi-instrumentalist Jon Autry releases full length album Beautifully Broken

KLANGLIEBE veteran Klangschwester releases new EP Keep Loving Me as part of duo Go Astray

West Palm Beach alt rock band The Drip Effect releases album Dinosaur

Music veterans combine to form Royal Tusk and release new six-song EP Mountain

Canadian grunge/punk band CHAMPION LOVER release self-titled LP

Electric dance artist Airsouth releases EP Deep Space Bird featuring vocalist Elegy Parks

Blurred City Lights follows up 2013′s EP Neon Glow with full length album Anamorphic

Indie pop artists The Mothers are set to release their debut, self-titled album

Singer-songwriter solo artist Jacob Caporali releases indie alt rock album Running From My Shadow


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