July 2014 Music Roundup

The Indie Mine's July 2014 Music Roundup


After the inbox-breaking month that was June, July almost seemed bereft of music by comparison. Thankfully, that wasn’t actually the case. Although we didn’t see the same diversity of musical genres that we’re accustomed to, there was still a bunch of great music to catch our attention. Staff editor Kendrick and staff music writer Lux join me in making our single and album picks this month. Agree or disagree with our selections? Leave a comment and let us know which releases tickled your earholes. Be sure to check them all out below.



Staff Picks


Single(s) of the Month:

“Venture” - City and The Sea

We like City and the Sea here at the Indie Mine, and this Hamilton, Ontario group last got our attention in February 2013. Their new single, the summer anthem "Venture", answers the bizarre question of what a super group would sound like if Neil Young and Bob Seger got together with all the members of Weezer. City and The Sea acknowledge their many inspirations and influences openly and proudly, which is weird because nothing they record actually seems stale or derivative. Their sound is a direct reflection of each member's individual contribution across decades of experience. Like a trusted auto repair shop (or a successful porn studio) their appeal is intergenerational, speaking to both the young and the not-so-young. "Venture" is one of those songs that you'll hear again after a few years that will strike you with a new realization you wouldn't have had as a younger listener.


“Boat” – Tallest Tree

Canadian indie rockers and married couple The Tallest Tree have recently released their debut single, “Boat”, an upbeat, grungy romp of a folk-rock tune. The track has a lazy, Noah and the Whale quality to it, with harmonic flourishes and production value that convey a sense of maturity unusual for a first release. “Boat” is solid in its simplicity, and, although I think the song begs for more complexity and a greater dynamic arc, it definitely shows promise.


“Bible John” – The Sea Kings

"Bible John" is the debut single from Glasgow artists The Sea Kings. The catchy track combines elements of pop, new wave, and smatterings of a few other genres. The single is part of the band's album Woke in the Devil's Arms which released in early August (just a little late for July's Roundup). Have a listen to the track above and then head on over to SoundCloud to hear the rest of the album.



Album(s) of the Month:

High Noon – Arkells

Indie Mine veterans Arkells are set to release their third full-length album, High Noon, on August 5th, and I think it's safe to say they're on track to be making plenty of so-called “Fake Money", as the leading track deems it. Teetering in between the Canadian indie scene and pop stardom, Arkells are a capital P Product, and their newest release is, at its core, pop with flair. Tracks like “11:11”. with somewhat cut-and-dry pop hooks and Katy Perry quality bass riffs are accented by wispy 80's synthesizer and fuzz filter, and Kerman's drawly, sometimes talky vocals are always energetic. Repeated themes lend the nostalgic, romantic lyrics some believability, although it still comes off a little trite. High Noon is high-quality, radio-friendly pop-rock (a la Imagine Dragons), and it's certainly worth a listen if you're into the genre. The album is available for purchase on iTunes or directly through the band's website, and you can listen to the tracks “11:11”, “Come to Light”, and “Never Thought That This Would Happen” via Soundcloud or Youtube.



Bulbs of Held - Bulbs of Held

While it's not true across the whole genre, a disturbing amount of electronica is made by annoying meatheads. Almost any idiot can drop a beat armed with a Macintosh and a sense of privilege, ending the night with the sole worry that the groupie in passenger seat isn't entitled to a voter registration card. That's why the debut EP from Bulbs of Held is such a breath of fresh air, because it's legitimately cool. This educated Manchester duo doesn't crave your praise or your devotion, not when they're making tracks in 7/4 time and playing guitar harmonics with the edges of a pinky finger. The opening track is also the stand-out, a breathy vamp called "Soulenalle" that the group gleefully identifies as disco without feeling any need to be constrained by the label. It's worth your time to check out this risk-taking, boundary-pushing music.


The Lost Weekend - Sean Flinn & The Royal We

I agonized over my album pick for a few days, flipping back and forth between two worthy contenders. While I thought that Jeen O'brien's Tourist hit higher highs, I felt that The Lost Weekend was more solid from start to finish. Sean Finn & The Royal We's indie rock album is a showcase for Flinn's singer/songwriter talents, and the 3-piece backup band lulls the listener in with each easygoing track. Highlights for me included "City Lights", "The Ravine", and title track "The Lost Weekend".




Other Music


London-based electronica band Ooberfuse release “Different Drum

One-man band Feexer releases debut single “Diamonds and Defects” off upcoming album of the same name

In advance of second new album this year, Zebracore band Postcode releases music video for single “This Day Will Come

Split single “BRIDGEBURNER” includes surf-punk thrasher “Liar Liar” and classic rock track “Gold Star”

Derbyshire rockers The Four Fours release double A-side with tracks “Count to Ten” and “Messing With History

Dave Rave and Heads Up Lincoln release holiday-inspired track “4th of July

Indie Mine veterans Illitry release black and white short-film for latest single “Runaways

Mother Leads release second single, “It’s a Feeling“, off upcoming debut album Myriad

Indie pop artist Pale Green Things releases upbeat single “Pink Flamingo




Blues rock artist Jeff Bell releases album Songs From No One in Particular

St. Helens trio The Bordello follow up 2013 release with new albums Will.I.Am, You’re Really Nothing and Extra Smooth

DJ and producer Headman/Robi Insinna releases 4-track set 6 E.P.1

Minimalist punk duo Ed Schrader’s Music Beat generating buzz with new album Party Jail

Debut album Simple Things released by UK pop/rock group Felt Tip

San Francisco shoegaze duo My Red Dress release album Out There/Cave

Canadian musician Jeen O’Brien releases solo, indie pop rock album Tourist

Toronto rock group Jay Pollock self-produce and release 11-song album Sunflower

Another Man’s Poison release self-titled album full of 60s rock and 70s punk inspiration

Gimme Some Lovin’ is a mix of live and studio cuts and marks the latest album from musician Marcus Singletary

House/techno musician and producer Jeton Gjidoda creates new EP Possum

Mike Cykoski and A is for Atom release latest indie rock EP Song For You

Texan indie rock band Young Ones release new EP A to B

Folk singer/songwriter Matthew Oomen records album Where the Valley is Long

Indie dance / nu disco artist Mikael Fas releases EP Mesosphere under new label

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