Have a game, book, movie, or album you want reviewed?  Want to talk about your work prior to its release?  Interested in conducting an e-mail interview?

Email us at:  press[at]

Please keep in mind that we have a staff of part-time volunteers which means we have limited throughput. We receive far more press requests than we can ever to hope to handle. Rest assured that every email is read and posted to the staff for coverage consideration even if we aren’t able to respond to you right away.


If you’d like to cut out the middle man, there are two ways you can more directly reach our readers:

  • Guest Post Submissions:  Please contact us at our press address if you’re interested in contributing a guest post.
  • Forums: You can use our forum system to directly post news and announcements about your work. Either create a new topic of your own, or feel free to submit on our existing topics for Games, Books, Music, and Movies.



Submission Guidelines for Reviews


Unlike the other mediums covered here, we do give overall review scores for games.  If you have an indie game you’d like reviewed, we currently support coverage of the following game platforms:

  • Xbox Live
  • Playstation Network
  • WiiWare
  • PC
  • iOS
  • Android



If you’re an independently-published author or have been published by a small publisher, we’re happy to consider any book you’d liked reviewed.  Although we do not discriminate against any particular genres, we do reserve the right to reject any submissions we deem too objectionable for our audience, though this is likely a rare case.  We always appreciate an excerpt from your book to help determine if it fits our style.

We currently support reviews for the following book formats/e-readers:

  • Paperback or Hardback
  • PDF
  • Kindle
  • Nook



If you have a new album or single out that you’d like to be reviewed, be sure to include a link to your Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or your own website containing the track(s) when emailing us. Please do not include zip files or other attachments unless specifically requested.



If you have a movie or short film you’d like us to review, please include a link to where it can be viewed or downloaded when emailing us. Please do not include zip files or other attachments unless specifically requested.