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Brandon is the founder and managing director of The Indie Mine in his free time. His preferred medium is video games and he's not shy about his support for the indie development community. You can follow him on Twitter @TheIndieMine.





Daniel has been a frequent writer for gaming websites and the odd magazine for the last few years. With a strong passion for online gaming, he likes to know every bit of current news and on MMOs in particular.


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Andy can usually be found screaming obscenities at whatever game happens to be in front of him at the time, usually because he can't make that final double jump past the laser ghost alien centaurs. When he isn't gaming, he's usually thinking about it. Well, Gaming or alcohol. Catch him on his Twitter handle @MrAndypanda


Billie Wrex is a big sci-fi nerd that shows his love of games through criticism. Besides The Indie Mine, his writing can also be read at his personal games blog, He can be followed on Twitter at @DAIKAIJUZ


Greetings from the boreal forests of Canada! The name is Leon and I hail from the isolated regions of north-western Ontario. Recent grad with BCOSC and PC Games Tech specialization. When I am not spending time playing games I enjoy reading, hunting, fishing (summer and winter), movies and anime. I love horror, RPGs, simulations, and survival based games, but I will play just about anything that catches my interest.


BA(Hons) in Game Cultures - Southbank University Freelance Writer Poor Musician




Adam has written about video games, movies, and comics for over ten years for various news and review websites. He likes puzzle games, strange music, and the Coen Brothers.


A medieval historian by training, Alan tries by day to balance impending doctoral research with branching into freelance journalism. He brings to bear his 25+ years of gaming experience to promote overlooked quality games and occasionally wax philosophical about the industry. Alan can forgive flaws, but is merciless with those games that have no respect for their audience. In addition to The Indie Mine, he reviews Xbox Live indie releases on his blog,, and can be followed on Twitter @AlanWithTea


Anthony is a reader, writer, and videogamer who is currently studying literature and art history. You can find him on Twitter @AntDiPalma, where he tells corny jokes on an hourly basis.


Computer and games fan from child to man (man-child if you wish). Gaming since the Atari 2600 all the way through ZX Spectrum, Amiga 500 and now PC. Enjoys the smaller indie titles in life and keen observer of all things Early Access and in Beta (hence the name). @BetaDaysUK


Connor is cynical, clever, and often sarcastic. He likes music, books, and video games, and he lives with his dog, Dexter.


With a Master’s in Literacy and B.S. in Education, Joe might not be the typical gamer. However, his love of creating and his personal inquiry into computer science and interactive media have allowed Joe to utilize these skill in the classroom. He has always enjoyed creating amateur games and programs and he’s now taken the leap into the indie scene. As the lead programmer for EpicVessel Gamers, he is continuously seeking to expand his knowledge and understanding of games. He also enjoys finding, playing and writing about anything indie. He finds the creative process of independent developers or small teams to be fascinating.


My name is Justin Bruystens and I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Short stories, poems, novels, and even writing for video games, I have done it all. But now I hope to get some experience writing for a website, so now I’m here.


Lux is an artist and animator for Purple Pwny Studios. She likes Disney and her cat, Ron. You can find her on Twitter at @thisislux.


I'm just another starving writer, blogger, and gamer (probably because I do those things in reverse order). Find me on Twitter if you're into that sort of thing @MAWaterston


Gaming has been a part of my life since birth. I have a B.A. in Animation Game Design and have worked retail selling video games for close to five years. Over the years I discovered a love for Indie games.


I am a bearded gamer, streamer, youtuber, and aspiring Indie-game developer. I've had an interest in video game journalism for a while now, but I want to deal with the independent side of things. Thus, here I am!


Zane Gentis is the mild-mannered alter ego of someone amazing, but he can't say whom for fear of spoiling the surprise. In his spare time he enjoys reading, hiking and writing short bios about himself in the third person.