About The Indie Mine

The Indie Mine was started in July 2011 out of a desire to shed light on unheralded or undervalued topics in the world of entertainment.  While everything we cover isn’t always ‘indie’ by definition, most of what’s discussed here are subjects that would typically escape the mainstream media and internet outlets.  We’d like to think that we’re doing our part to help support and spread the word about talented individuals and groups who might not always be able to promote their works.


Helpful Links:

  • The Indie Mine Staff - A list of the current staff here at The Indie Mine.
  • Jobs - A listing of the volunteer positions we’re currently looking for.
  • Our Review Scoring System – What we assign scores to at The Indie Mine and how the scoring system breaks down.
  • Contact – How to contact us regarding promoting your work, advertising opportunities, etc.