April 2014 Music Roundup

The Indie Mine's April 2014 Music Roundup

Apparently the music industry has shaken off the winter cold and gotten back into their studios. We had an absolute deluge of music hit our inbox, the majority of which was far and away whole EPs and albums. We also saw a number of returning artists as well as many, many bands releasing their debut albums and singles. What all of that means is that there was stiff competition for our staff picks this month. Have a look at our choices for best single and album of April below, and be sure to check out all of the other music news a little further down. There was quite an eclectic mix, and certainly a bit of something for everyone.


Staff Picks


Single(s) of the Month:

“Wildwood” – 5j Barrow

5j Barrow, a six-piece band from New York, have just released their first single from their upcoming full length album, From the Dim, Sweet Light. Wildwood is a gorgeous track with emotive vocals, sweet harmonies, and also features some lovely string arrangements throughout. Fans of The Civil Wars and Of Mice and Men will love their upbeat, folk rock sound and down to earth feel.


“Robber Barons” – Cloud Person

On the tails of the release of their second album, Monochrome Places, Seattle psych-folk act Cloud Person have recently published a music video for the track "Robber Barons". A decidedly folk tune, the track has a heavy Irish folk influence in the vein of The Swell Season, while Jordan's assertive yet sensitive vocals lend the track a very Mumford and Sons' feel. Watch the music video on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDwW7ALixWw) (and keep and eye out for Dane Ueland of &Yet, my pick for last month.) “Robber Barons” can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp (http://cloudperson.bandcamp.com/track/robber-barons), where you will also find Monochrome Places available for streaming and/or purchase. (http://cloudperson.bandcamp.com/album/monochrome-places). 


“The Art Of Giving Up” – Thought Beneath Film

"The Art Of Giving Up" is the second track off of Thought Beneath Film's recent album Cartographers. The peppy beat of the song combined with an abundant use of harmonies reminded me a bit of Tally Hall. Although this song was the highlight for me, the album as a whole was also a strong contender for my staff pick this month. You can find the whole album – including my single pick – at the following link: https://soundcloud.com/thoughtbeneathfilm/sets/cartographers/s-uAsgf.



Album(s) of the Month:

Real Snow - Kye Alfred Hillig

While the diverse artistry on Real Snow gives me pause in defining Kye Alfred Hillig as a "singer-songwriter", his gift for melodic composition is self-evident. Tracks like "None of Them Know Me Now", with pop-friendly melodies and synth riffs, would seem right at home over the radio waves beside the likes of Bastille and Imagine Dragons. The album has great variety on both a macro and micro level, with delay and synth fuzz like something off an Angels and Airwaves track, accessible lyrics, and the occasional flourish of saxophone. The entire 12-song album is available for free download on Bandcamp (http://kyealfredhillig.bandcamp.com/album/real-snow).



Musicassette/Magnetic Memory – Night Windows

Musicassette/Magnetic Memory is the debut LP from Night Windows, a project started by artist, Benjamin Hughes. The album can best be described as folk rock, but Hughes manages to subtly blend a number of other influences like Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie, and John Vanderslice. The album tackles themes of false promises and coming to terms with unfulfilled expectations during the transition from youth to adulthood. Musicassette/Magnetic Memory carries a certain air of strength and hope despite the challenges of young adulthood, and is an impressive debut with charming lo-fi aesthetics and honest lyrics that everyone can relate to.


Suit of Armor - Paul Starling 

It's been topping the 90s here in Florida and it's not even Memorial Day yet. Naturally I'm already thinking it's Summer which might also explain my choice for album of the month. Paul Starling – the project of musician Brian Bringelson – is no stranger here at The Indie Mine. I actually covered a prior album, Shipwrecked Commotion, a while back. Paul Starling's vintage sound in Suit of Armor evokes a 60s beach rock feel and makes a perfect match for the season. It was a close battle for this pick, though, with Jessica Bundy, Thought Beneath Film, and Youth Club all worthy of the honor. Be sure to check them out below.




Other Music


Pennsylvania-based punk bands Shotgun No Blitz and Name Le release two tracks off upcoming split EP

Canada’s Arkells release first single, “Never Thought That This Would Happen”, off upcoming album

Brooklyn-based keyboard duo Isle of Rhodes release video for single “Tic Toc”

Marcus O’Neill releases second single, “Oilseed Fields And Innocent Dreams”, from upcoming album Way Beyond The Sugar Beet

YUCA releases music video for second single, “Maybe We’ll Riot”, off the album Rebuilding the Fallen Empire

Femmepop teams up with Robert Parker for dream poppish single “Not That Kind”

Terracotta Blue starts the Summer early with electronic hip-hop single “Sweetheart (featuring Karnegie)”

Toronto indie rock band CANVAS releases debut single “Keeping Score” 




It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse! released by WTCHS in limited edition cassette format

Post-punk/alternative artist Daniel Harmann releases 2-track album Westroy Sessions Volume Three

80s-inspired and Greek musician Paris76 unveils EP Endless Blue

h2so4 releases techno/trance/house EP King of Kings

Maine-based alt rock musician Seth Majka releases 13-track album Wake To Mourning

Alt rock/post-punk band The Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter releases self-titled, debut album

Essex’s eclectic, four-piece band Youth Club releases debut EP Colours

Animal House releases disco/house blend album House Rock

Toronto folk singer Jessica Bundy releases five-track EP Careless Smile

Bollywood veteran Kumar Sanu enters UK music scene with album Hum-Tum

Alt rock band My Satellite release debut full length album Lift

Moral Panics hitting the local UK music scene with alt/pop album WLVS

Debut EP The Chase released by Brooklyn-based quartet The LoveHowl

Surf/garage rock duo Slim Wray release debut album Sack Lunch

Hip hop/electronic artist daysdeaf release experimental album When Colour Lost Light

German musician Klangschwester releases ten tracks as part of Sisterella EP

Pop rockers Cartographers release self-titled debut album

Sétamùr creates remix project for album Remix Eye Movement

Musician Sergi Boal creates electronic/experimental album The Man Without A Hat

Youthful, grunge/punk group Billy Moon releases new 5-track EP Young Adult

New, experimental EP Blu released by Leeds, UK band Suzy Blu

Daniel Harmann leads Session Four album of the Fastback Sessions series

Five years worth of pop, slowcore, and ambient music make up Simon Waldram’s compilation album Haven’t We Met Before?

Alternative piano project Allie Lauren releases Tales of a Glass Heart :: The B-Sides, an update to the band’s debut album from 2 years ago

Dreampop duo Ummagma revisits past work with the release of their Lama Remixes LP

Acoustic/folk/pop musician Alex Riggen releases greatest hits compilation Sixteen Free Songs


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