The Indie Mine

All of the wonderful, informative, and entertaining content you see here on The Indie Mine doesn’t just appear out of the ether.  It’s researched, analyzed, written, reviewed, and edited by our hard-working staff.  We’re always looking for new volunteers to aid in our support of the indie entertainment community and perhaps that’s where YOU come in.

  • Do you have an interest in any indie-produced entertainment community or industry?
  • Are you interested in sharing your views and opinions with others?
  • Are you an experienced writer or someone who’s looking to better their skills as a writer or pad their resume?
  • Do you work well with others, communicate well, and accept constructive criticism?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then check out our open positions below.

Please keep in mind that The Indie Mine is currently a site run by a staff of volunteers.  While staff members currently don’t get paid, we do get plenty of free games to review, free books to read, and more.  It’s also a great way to build connections in the various industries and show off your talents while blogging for a laid-back site.  If any of these positions appeal to you, contact us at jobs[at]theindiemine[dotcom] with the position you’re inquiring about and any questions you might have.  Having a writing sample ready will help speed the evaluation process along.

We also accept guest post submissions.  Please contact us at our email address above before attempting to submit an article.  Here are some suggestions for guest blogging best practices.



We’re in search of talented writers for the following areas:



We’re looking for individuals who have the time to play and review indie games on any of the following platforms:

  • PC/Mac/Linux
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Nintendo home and handheld consoles
  • Sony Playstation home and handheld consoles
  • Microsoft Xbox home consoles
  • Ouya

Our gaming journalists are not expected to purchase their own games.  Most games will be made available via review copies provided by developers and public relations representatives. Writers will also have the opportunity to post news, conduct written interviews, and write original features.



We’re looking for writers who have both an understanding and appreciation of the indie music scene.  Right now the music branch of The Indie Mine is overburdened with more music review opportunities than we can handle. We receive new press requests just about every day covering a wide array of genres. We’re in search of people who have a passion for the medium and are willing to take on different types of articles including reviews, interviews, and original features.



We’re looking for individuals who have the time to read and review independently-published books or those published through small publishers.  Expected turnaround time for book reviews is one month or less.

Although we do occasionally receive paperback or hardcover copies of books, we are seeking writers with access to an e-reader or the ability to read PDF files on a computer.  Our books journalists are not expected to purchase their own books as most reviews conducted are done so via review copies provided by authors or public relations representatives. They also have the opportunity to post news,  conduct written interviews, and write original features.



We’re looking for individuals who actively seek out indie movies and have the time to review them for The Indie Mine.  Independent movie coverage for the site is in need of major growth and we’re looking for candidates who can find new opportunities to help deliver that.



We have a wide variety and ability in terms of the writing talent here at The Indie Mine, but we also need individuals capable of helping that talent achieve its full potential. We’re looking for people who can give our experienced writers that extra edge, but also have the time and patience to help shape the greener ones into steady, consistent journalists. We’re looking for individuals with both writing AND editing experience to take on the role of Editor.

Job responsibilities/requirements include:

  • Editing of reviews, interviews, news, and feature articles from our writing staff.
  • Committed and frequent communication with the management staff and other editors.
  • The flexibility to handle editing articles for all of the mediums we cover including games, books, etc.

As an editor, you’ll also have the opportunity to help shape the direction of the site. We’re always looking for individuals to step up and pursue new avenues for the site as we continually improve. The ability to have a regular featured column will also be given to any editor who wants it. If any of this sounds appealing and you have both the experience AND the drive, then consider applying for an editing position.