July 2013 Music Roundup

The Indie Mine's July 2013 Music Roundup

With 16 bands and solo acts, June’s music roundup was an epic month for us here at The Indie Mine. Or so we thought. July brought us 17 artists including a handful who’ve graced these articles before. Folk was as prevalent as ever, but “swamp rock” and hip hop emerged as popular genres. Our neighbors to the north (Canada) provided ample representation, but we had a number of artists from across the global make an appearance. So, once again there’s a bit of something for everyone. Grab your headphones and have a listen while we walk you through the music we discovered in July 2013.


The Coppertone – “Young Blood”

Amanda Zelina – better known as The Coppertone – has taken an interesting path towards indie status. After signing a record contract a few years ago, she wanted to break free and take back ownership of her own songs. That effort produced “Young Blood”, a single to help celebrate an indiegogo campaign to take back her creative works. That campaign would prove a success, and you can check out the song below or the lyric video.



For Esmé - For Esmé

It’s not often new artists hit all the right notes in their debut album, but songwriter Martha Meredith manages to do so under the project For Esmé. Staff music writer Jennifer Roger reviewed the album saying “there are definitely a few fun and whimsical moments, but by and large the album is a sophisticated one”. The inspirations for Meredith’s work include Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, and Emily Haines, and you can have a listen below. 



Explorers - No Inertia

We took some liberties with the inclusion of Explorers and their album No Inertia. The band actually released the 6-track set more than a year ago, but this is the first time we’ve come across them so they’re new to us! Their indie progressive rock sound takes its inspiration from Blink-182 to Led Zeppelin and I particularly enjoyed “Bear”. Ignore the album name and artwork (I had to share an outdated Bandcamp widget) and have a listen to the full set while awaiting the band’s second album that will be released “soon”.



Flamingo Bay – “Serpentine”

It wouldn’t be an Indie Mine Music Roundup if we didn’t manage to stumble across yet another talented band that’s set up shop in Hamilton, Ontario. The trio of Flamingo Bay have released a two-song single named “Serpentine”. The tracks feature a lively, entertaining “northern swamp rock” sound. The band is currently working on their debut album Loco Pony and these two songs will be part of that release in autumn of this year. In the meantime, you can have a look and take a listen to their new video.



SPC ECO – “Delusional Waste”

The band SPC ECO (pronounced SPACE ECHO) has an interesting backstory. The band is a father-daughter duo with Rose Berlin handling vocals and lyrics and Dean Garcia handling the instrumental work along with the engineering and producing. They’ve been releasing albums for about five ears now and the most recent, Push, was covered by a number of different radio and internet outlets. Their latest single, “Delusional Waste” features a synth-pop sound, but with a heavy focus on Berlin’s vocals. It’s the first track off their next album, slated for release later this year. The music video for “Delusional Waste” can be found here.



Mega Ran – Japan Tour

This isn’t our first time discussing Mega Ran on The Indie Mine, but it’s the first time he’s been included in a music article. Confused? Back in mid-2012, the nerdcore rapper partnered with Lunar Giant Studios to create Mega Ran in Language Arts: The Game. The Mega Man superfan made news again this past month with a Kickstarter campaign for a chip-hop remix tour in Japan. With the following he has, it’s no surprise the campaign was successful. Even if you’re not a fan of rap music, the Mega Ran Japan Tour album’s still likely to appeal to classic gaming fans.



The Dirty Nil – Summer Mixtape Vol. 2: Covers

The Dirty Nil has released its second mixtape this Summer, and this compilation is all covers. Featuring songs from an eclectic mix of artists like Iggy Pop and Merle Haggard, the four-track rock album manages to highlight the destructive sound and theme of the band. Hit the music video and make sure to crank the volume up for full effect.



The Box Tiger - Set Fire

Big things are happening this August for The Box Tiger. The indie rock band based out of both Toronto and Portland, ME has  been together for nearly four years, but the lineup has seen multiple changes. However, August 6th will see the culmination of their hard work with release of their debut album, Set Fire. Featuring the lead vocals of Sonia Sturino and instrumental work of bandmates Jordan Stowell and Marcus Cipparrone (Ben Tran would join later and did do the album art), have a listen to a few of the tracks from the 10-song album.



Mountaineer! – Family Trees

Mountaineer! also makes their album debut this month with the release of Family Trees. Mountaineer! is the solo project from California-based Danny Poissant. In Jennifer’s review, she deemed it “mostly a lighthearted and quirky album, but it’s also very reflective on the experiences of young adulthood”. Rock, pop, folk, and world music all make an appearance in the eclectic mix of ten tracks.



The Hotelles – Show You Around

We’re actually pretty familiar with The Hotelles’ work having covered them multiple times including back in February’s Music Roundup. The British rock trio is back with another EP titled Show You Around. I’m consistently surprised by the sound coming from these guys considering their young age, but they’ve continued to improve with each new release. This three-track set continues that trajectory.



David & Clara – “Don’t You Want To Be Famous”

David & Clara makes a return trip to our music roundup having been included in May’s edition. “Don’t You Want To Be Famous” is the latest single from the human/laptop duo. The latest track continues the band’s trademark combination of David’s vocals and backup music/effects from “Clara”. If you happen to live in the Tempe, AZ area, you can catch David & Clara at the city’s Center for the Arts on their open mic nights which will pick up again in September.



Latka – My Bright Heart

Latka makes their first appearance on The Indie Mine. Members of the four-piece band from Winnipeg, Manitoba have been together for years and released multiple EPs. However, July 6th marked the release of the full band’s debut album, My Bright Heart. The eight tracks of pop rock – and a sprinkle of punk – buzz with a variety of instrumentation (violin!) backing up the vocals.



Alex Leggett – Captain

Folk/pop artist Alex Leggett hails from Gananoque, ON and makes the music roundup with his most recent album, Captain. The five-track set of songs features the singer/songwriters’ strong vocal talents which are accompanied by an often uptempo combination of acoustic guitar, double bass, and percussion. I’ve included title track “Captain” below, but the toe-tapping “Wicked Things” is my personal favorite song off the album. Have a listen and find your own favorite.



Bonzie - Rift Into The Secret Of Things

Chicago-based Nina Ferraro, aka Bonzie, is one of the youngest musicians to make our list this month. That youth belies what she’s accomplished in her young career having opened for Iron and Wine and performed at Summerfest 2013. August 13th marks the launch of her debut album, Rift Into The Secret of Things. You can check out the music video for “Felix” which features a male harmony part by The Milk Carton Kids’ Joey Ryan, or have a listen to the track below.



The Woodwards – “The Wood”

The Woodwards are back! It was just last month that we highlighted their folk noir single “Nothing”. Much like “Nothing”, “The Wood” is all about Peter Schuyff’s vocals and the entertaining lyrics in general. This track, though, features a stronger blues sound thanks to the guitar and bass work. It’s also part of The Woodwards II, the next album from the group which is due out in late October.



Nate “Suave” Cameron – “No Justice No Peace”

Another returning musician from last month’s roundup is Nate “Suave” Cameron. Suave has returned with “No Justice No Peace”, a single made from the artist’s internal reflection on the Trayvon Martin case and trial. Once again accompanied by collaborator Prospek, and with the help of DC hip hop artist Kam Royal, Suave shares a story about trust, oppression, and freedom. In an effort to share a song that’s so close to his heart, Suave has made the song available to download for free.



Trash The Brand - Trash The Brand

Alt-rock band Trash The Brand released their self-titled debut album back in June. Like Flamingo Bay, Trash The Brand employs their own flavor of “swamp rock” with Scotty Austin on vocals/guitar, Scott Anthony Little on bass, and Steven Pulley on drums. The band shows great range from song to song and even within individuals tracks with “Weak Like Me” and “Bad, Bad Boy” being perfect examples.



With so many different genres covered, surely there must’ve been something that tickled your eardrums. Have any favorites from the list above? Any other lesser known or indie bands that caught your attention in July? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We’ll see you back here next month.

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