Lunar Giant Releases Mega Ran in Language Arts: The Game

Mega Ran in Language Arts: The Game

Lunar Giant Studios, of Delver Deeper fame, has announced the release of their latest title and boy is it an interesting one. The game in question is Mega Ran in Language Arts: The Game.  It’s based off of an album by “nerdcore” rapper/middle school teacher Random who also goes by the eponymous Mega Ran. Mega Ran’s music has been featured in a number of television shows and other media, and this game is being released side-by-side with his latest album.

Mega Ran the game is a retro side-scroller reminiscent, not surprisingly, of the Mega Man series. The goal is to battle through four levels and themed bosses all while listening to jams from Raheem “Mega Ran” Jarbo and Melvin “DN3″ Raymond. Along the way, the player can boost four unique abilities which gives the game some personalization. Beat all four bosses and players will unlock a special bonus album track.

Mega Ran in Language Arts: The Game

Mega Man fans take notice

Right now the game is browser-based and you can play it for free here. If you dig the music, the full album can be purchased through Mega Ran’s website. Future plans for the game include two DLC packs and an iOS version so stay tuned to The Indie Mine for further announcements.

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