October 2013 Music Roundup

October 2013 Music Roundup


The only thing more devilish than the Halloween that just passed was the overwhelming amount of music that hit our inbox this past month. Thankfully, most of it was good and contained a few genres we’d never covered before. I encourage you to spend at least a minute checking out each band in this month’s list. You never know what you might discover. On with the show!


Morgan Doctor – Major Over Minor

Major Over Minor marks the third album release from musician Morgan Doctor. This set of eight tracks, though, is the first fully-instrumental album and is largely a solo effort. For me, electronic music tends to be pretty hit or miss. With Major Over Minor, I really enjoyed the aesthetics of the string instrumentation (guitars, violins) found on a number of the tracks as well as the ambient nature of the album as a whole.



Delta Will – It All Glows

Delta Will is the stage name for Charles Tilden, a musician who successfully blends pop with both blues and folk sounds. It All Glows is the 2nd album from the artist, and the four-track EP released in the latter part of October. The album plays on the themes of Earth, aliens, and outer space, and each track offers a different style. Have a listen below.



Philip Sayce - Steamroller

I love me some classic rock, so when I heard about Philip Sayce earning comparisons to guitar legends like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, I had to have a listen. Right from the initial title track the album exudes the influences of everything from those older rock giants to slightly newer fare like Lenny Kravitz. If you’re looking for a blend of old and new in your rock, listen to this 10-song album. I recommend “Holding On”, but you can start by checking out the album’s official trailer.



Dave Rave and Mark McCarron – Memphis Midnight

After listening to Memphis Midnight, it’s astonishing that Dave Rave got his start in Canadian punk. This album – with its easy listening mix of pop and jazz influences- is so far removed from that genre, it’s a remarkable range. That versatility will shine through in the upcoming year as Dave plans to tackle projects in a variety of genres. Up first, though, is this collaboration with musician Mark McCarron.



Latka – “The Arrival”

We covered Latka back in July’s Music Roundup, but the band makes a return trip this month with the release of their first music video. “The Arrival” gets the full treatment here, and the video includes a bear making oatmeal. What more do I have to say to get you to check it out?



Millenials - Generation Why

Millenials is a new band hailing from Michigan. Late September saw the release of their first album, Generation Why. The nine-track debut blends elements of punk, shoegaze, alternative, and other genres, and it features Michael Negron on guitar, vocals, etc. and Chris Francoeur on bass and drums. Have a listen to their lo-fi stylings below.



Vast Robot Armies - Goodnight Myopia

Vast Robot Armies is the first solo project from musician Jason Thomas. Thomas spent the past 13 years in the band Something Why, but the band’s end didn’t mean the final curtain on his musical journey. Jump ahead to earlier this year, and Vast Robot Armies released Goodnight Myopia, a nine-track album that also includes Eric Abert (bass) and Allen Epley (vocals) of the The Life and Times. VRA has also released a music video for the single “Grey Area Living”.



SPC ECO – Sirens and Satellites

We’ve covered SPC ECO on this site a few times in the past including stints in this monthly music roundup feature as well as a review of their single “Delusional Waste”. That was the first track released from the band’s latest album, Sirens and Satellites. A staggering 16 tracks make up this alt/dream pop/electronic collection, and the set starts strong with “Fallen Stars” and its many, many layers of sound. The quality of the production on the album is also quite impressive, but with the pedigree of those involved that comes as no big surprise. Although the album varies greatly in its intensity and style, have a listen to “Fallen Stars” to get a sense of what it’s all about.



Avalon Landing - Reside

Avalon Landing has been around for awhile, though it took the Las Vegas-based group picking up a total of five members before they hit their stride. The band is nearing the release of their latest piano rock/pop album, Reside, though their single “About Face” is already making the rounds. The band has also produced a music video for one of their older tracks, “Old Phone Books”. November 12th marks the album’s release, so check out Avalon Landing’s Facebook page for the official announcement.



Invasions – “Rosy”

“Rosy” marks the latest single to be released by Toronto-based band Invasions. The single is part of their latest album, also released this past month. The band has a surf-rock style that would – as they describe and I agree – fit in well as part of a Tarantino soundtrack. Their previous track, “Ballad of the Faithful” would even more appropriately fit that bill with it’s blend of surf rock and western. Have a listen to “Rosy” and then hop over here to hear the rest of their music.



The Chrysalide Project - Myth of the Capullo

Avant garde is not a genre we typically get a lot of opportunities to cover here at The Indie Mine. The Chrysalide Project from Montréal has given us a rare chance to change that. Myth of the Capullo is their 2nd album released this year, following February’s Place For Silence. With this release, musician Gaia Guarda has included a dozen tracks with a blend of electronic and organic sounds. While Guarda’s vocals lead the way, she’s also accompanied by live musicians Jon Lebreux, Jessica Ricard, Valérie Roy, and Sis Void. To find out more about the project, check out the official Facebook page.



Aviators - Mirrors

Tyler Shaw – under the project name Aviators – is easily one of the more musically prolific artists we’ve highlighted here on The Indie Mine. Mirrors marks the latest in a long line of albums and EPs including more than half a dozen already this year (check out the Tardis – EP all you Whovians). The 16 tracks continue Aviators tradition of merging multiple genres and subgenres including electronic, pop, and brony. Shaw has made quite a name for himself in the brony community. He’s also venturing out into scoring indie games. You can find out more about Shaw’s work on the Aviators website.



The Woodwards - The Woodwards II

The Woodwards make their third appearance in our monthly roundup feature, and the previous entries have all been leading up to this one. The band has released their latest album, The Woodwards II. The 11 tracks feature lead man Peter Schuyff and his “urban, folk/country noir” style – which is as much humorous storytelling as it is a song – along with the vocal accompaniment of British singer Stevie Guy. The duo is currently on a UK tour to coincide with the release of the album. Although my favorite song was probably “By The Time I Came Back”, you can have a listen to the first track, “The Wood”, below.



The Medicine Hat - Old Bones

Alt-rock band The Medicine Hat has one of the more interesting origin stories that we’ve come across here. It started with the romantic duo Nabi Loney and Tyler Bersche writing songs about each other and eventually led to a full five-piece band coming together. Their debut album, Old Bones, actually released back in June to coincide with the wedding of the first two members. If you like what you hear in the digital single below, the band has made it free for downloading.



David & Clara - Emotion Machine

And we have another repeat visitor to our monthly roundup. David & Clara, the man-laptop duo, most recently caught our attention back in July with the release of single “Don’t You Want To Be Famous”. The Arizona native is back with a few more tracks off of the upcoming album Emotion Machine, a project two years in the making. The album isn’t due out until December, but four of the electronic/techno/dance music tracks are available to listen to right now.



Colornoise - Polychronic

Colornoise describes their music as being a “release of energy”. The Costa Rican duo are all about experimental sounds with some garage band and punk mixed in. October saw the release of their second album, the eight-track Polychronic. The band is currently touring, and their path has taken them everywhere from South America to Canada with the early stops being up in the great white north.



Blitz//Berlin - One

Blitz//Berlin is another band with an interesting origin story having gotten their start by scoring indie films. The group also focused on creating hip hop and punk in their own studio. The release of One marks the start of the band’s foray into a series of mixtapes. The three-song collection is available as a free download from the band’s website.



Well, you made it through. Any surprises? Share your opinion with us and the rest of our community of readers.

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