April 2013 Music Roundup

April 2013 Indie Music Roundup on The Indie Mine

This month might’ve had the widest variety of music we’ve seen come our way here at The Indie Mine. Genres like electronica made a big showing and really allowed me to expand the horizons of what I’m accustomed to listening to. Put aside your biases and preconceptions and give these talented musicians a chance as we unveil some of the music we discovered in April.


Jeffrey Philip Nelson - This Riders Song

Fans of acoustic folk music should have a listen to the latest album from singer/songwriter Jeffrey Philip NelsonThis Riders Song features ten tracks of soulful, acoustic rock that tiptoe the line between folk and country. It’s a little bit of easy listening at its finest.



Weekend Riot Club –  “Things Are Looking Up Again” single

The Canadian trio Weekend Riot Club are hard at work producing their debut album Psychotropia, due out in late spring. In the meantime, they’ve released their second single “Things Are Looking Up Again” along with an accompanying music video. WRC counts passion as the root of their music, and their songs tell the tale of romantic discovery between lead vocalist Melissa Marchese and guitarist Mike Chetcuti. Like most of the songs planned for the album, the track below focuses on a message of love and hope.



Kiki - Cross

Even though I’ve never really considered myself a fan of electronica, I have to admit I enjoyed the bass and rhythm of tracks like “Marilyn Monroe” below. It’s just one of 12 songs from Croatian musician Kiki on the album Cross. The full album can be listened to on Kiki’s official SoundCloud page.



Ozoh – Lightest Pollution

Up next is another album of electronica, Lightest Pollution from Otso “Ozoh” Haavisto. Whereas Cross above was a darker form of the genre, the 11-track Lightest Pollution is of the more upbeat variety. Maybe it’s just my background with gaming, but I couldn’t help but feel like the album would make the perfect soundtrack for a video game, particularly tracks like “Upstate” or “Downshift”. I found myself pleasantly surprised at wanting to hear more after each and every song. The whole album – written and produced by Ozoh himself – is available for listening to below.



Colaars – “Black Fox” single

I absolutely love finding bands from new places around the world, so I was happy when the indie/dance-rock band Colaars contacted me. The Kiev-based group recently released a music video to accompany their single “Black Fox”. Although the instrumentation tends to overshadow the vocals, I enjoyed everything about the track, particularly the guitar elements. Have a listen for yourself.



Air Marshal Landing – “Little Town” single

The brotherly trio – but not really brothers – of Air Marshal Landing are readying their debut album You Used To Be Me for a June 4th release date. To drum up some attention, the Toronto-based band released the single “Little Town”, a catchy number with a fun, driving bass line. A music video for the track has also been released. Check out the song below, and take advantage of the free download which runs until the album’s release.



Finding something you’ve never thought of listening to or even heard of is one of the great joys of music. I’m already looking forward to May and what it will bring. In the meantime, let us know about any new bands you’ve discovered or if you have any favorites from the list above by leaving a comment.


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