PUK to Get Two New Game Modes

Back in April I played, loved, and reviewed the game PUK. I thought it was a wonderful minimalist arcade puzzler that fit perfectly on the mobile platform. I also appreciated that there were no in-app purchases; buy the game once, and you own everything it has to offer.  Four months later I still have PUK installed on both my phone and tablet, and developer Laser Dog continues to throw new free content my way.

On September 5th, an update rolls out that adds two new difficulty modes: light (easy) and shadow (hard). Each mode will include new graphical styles, soundtracks, and leader boards. Check them out below.

If you haven’t bought it already, PUK definitely deserves your dollars. Grab it on the Google Play Store or for iOS. You can read a little more about the update on Laser Dog’s blog.


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