September 2013 Music Roundup

September 2013 Music Roundup on The Indie Mine

They say records are made to be broken. Well, September was bursting at the seams with new music and that’s evident by the fact that we included a whopping 17 bands in our latest music news roundup. Electronic music made a strong resurgence after disappearing a bit for the last few months. Alternative, rock, soul, pop, and more can also be found in this month’s inclusions. Grab a drink and a set of headphones then sit back and listen to the music of September 2013.



Ions in the Ether – (Un)titled

Adam Joseph White starts off our coverage this month with the release of his 4-track EP (Un)titled. Working under the pseudonym Ions in the Ether, White has had a very busy year in the electronic music scene. This EP is one of a handful produced just this summer alone. I’m not a huge aficionado of electronica, but I was fondly reminded of Jim Guthrie’s Sword & Sorcery soundtrack.  Have a listen to White’s synth stylings below.



Future History – Lungs

What’s creepier than little kids? Little kids in creepy animal masks playing around old haunted cabins. That’s just a glimpse into what can be found in the music video for Future History’s single “With Haste”. That track is part of the band’s album Lungs, slated to come out this October.



Dúo del Sol – hello Kaleidoscope

Javier Orman and Tom Farrell make up the duo of Dúo del Sol, though the classical musicians are accompanied  by a number of other talented artists on their latest release, hello Kaleidoscope. The 11-track album has latin and jazz elements though it’s really music of the world at large. I particularly enjoyed the high-energy “Cualquiera”, though the first track – “Never the Same River Twice” – is quite simply a beautiful song.



The Almighty Rhombus – “Blank”

The Almighty Rhombus makes their triumphant return to our music news roundup, last appearing in March’s edition. This time around the band has released a new single, “Blank”, which is one of the tracks off of their upcoming album Lucid Living. While the album’s not slated to come out until the end of October, readers/listeners can check out “Blank” and its Summery feel below or via the associated music video.



Crashing Colors – Crashing Colors

It’s been an adventurous Summer for Crashing Colors. The Houston-based band recently moved shop to London just a few months after releasing their self-titled album. The 6-track EP features the band’s delightfully eclectic mix of soul, blues, rock, electronic, and other musical genres. Have a listen and try to pick out your own favorite elements.



Max Bergé – Fox’s Wedding Weather

Electronic singer-songwriter Max Bergé makes it onto this month’s list with his latest EP, Fox’s Wedding Weather. The 5-track electronic EP is emphasized by driving synth and bass, but it’s Bergé’s vocals that take center stage on each of the tracks. Check out the video below that includes samples of each of the tracks along with some behind-the-scenes insight into the artist’s creative process.



Trevor and The Joneses – There Was Lightning

Pounding drums, driving bass, wailing guitar, and of course vocals make Trevor and The Joneses the very definition of a rock band. Their 10-track album There Was Lightning released back in May, but only recently came to our attention. I always say better late than never, so have a listen and enjoy.



Postcode – The ZebrATP

Last month we came across our first band based on Isle of Man, Post War Stories. September brings us Postcode and their 7-track album The ZebrATP. The alt-rock/’zebracore’ album was inspired by the band’s recent visits to the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival and also led to a music video for final track “Goodbye Minehead”.



For Esmé – “Cinque Terre”

We covered For Esmé back in our July Roundup for their self-titled debut album. The band is back with their first music video, this time for single “Cinque Terre”. Fall weather may be approaching, but the video extends the outdoor season with a Summery feel. Have a look and a listen.



SPC ECO – “Fallen Stars”

Staff music writer Jennifer reviewed SPC ECO’s previous release – “Delusional Waste” - a couple of months ago, but the duo is back with another single, “Fallen Stars”. This epic track hits you with layers of music coming from all directions. As with the previous single, this track is a part of the band’s upcoming album Sirens and Satellites, due out in late October.



Running Red Lights – “Mulberry Love”

Running Red Lights has been together quite a long time. Seven years in fact. Despite that longevity, “Mulberry Love” marks the band’s first release. The catchy alt-rock/pop track will be part of RRL’s debut album, tentatively due out in January. In the meantime, have a listen below.



Action Cube – The Bits Detective

Action Cube is a project from Chicago-based musician Robert Carey. Carey has played in a handful of area bands including Jesus and the Devil as well as Battlestations. The Bits Detective is Carey’s first album since going solo. It’s also the byproduct of a laptop and bedroom recording studio which creates the album’s lo-fi electronic/rock sound. Carey humorously comments that “broken guitars, borrowed microphones, cheap effects and general ignorance informed the entire process.” My favorite track on the album is “Like The Young” which I’ve included here.



Kojo ‘Easy’ Damptey – Daylight Robbery

It’s been over a year since the last time Kojo Damptey made an appearance on The Indie Mine. At long last Damptey returns with the 10-track EP Daylight Robbery. As with the artist’s previous efforts, this new album has a strong focus on issues that affect the world at large. The Ghana-born musician keeps his finger on the pulse of hot-button issues like racial injustice, but also incorporates brighter subjects like love. The album as a whole has hip hop, soul, and reggae influences, while also including spoken word tracks like “Are We Minorities?”.



Sun Stone Revolvers – Spaceship X

Old is new again with Sun Stone Revolvers. Often drawing comparisons to classic rock mainstays, Sun Stone Revolvers released their latest album Spaceship X in mid-September. With a total of 10 tracks, SSR manages to put a bit of a psychedelic spin on the genre. The band also has a music video for the single “America”. Included below is the title track, though I actually enjoyed “Born Again” the most.



Erland – On Our Side

Erland is an alternative/folk/americana ensemble from Santa Barbara, California. Earlier this year, the band was able to get their debut album On Our Side crowdfunded and released. The album features a dozen tracks which the band performs in a style that’s drawn comparisons to well-known musical acts like Wilco.



Kloq – “High”

Classifying their musical genre as ‘punktronic’, Kloq has reinvented themselves with their recent work. The solo project evolved by adding lead vocalist Dean Goodwin, drummer Alex Baker, and bassist Tim Jackson to band founder Oz Morsley. The band has released a music video for single “High” and are set to launch a new album in mid-October.



Pete Van Dyk & the Second Hand Band – “Shake Me”/”Plan B”

Pete Van Dyk & the Second Hand Band are another set of veterans in our music roundup series having previously made the list in May. The band is back with their first 7″ record which contains songs “Shake Me”, “Plan B”, and bonus track “To the Night”. For those unfamiliar with the band, they have a magically southern rock sound despite hailing from Hamilton, ON. Don’t believe me? Have a listen.



That’s it for September. I warned you there was a lot of music, but hopefully you found some favorites. Feel free to share those with us. If there’s a band or genre you’d like to see covered in greater depth, let us know about that too. See you all next month.

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