Hip-hop artist Kojo Damptey releases The EP

The EP by Kojo Easy DampteyHip-hop artist Kojo “Easy” Damptey has announced the release of his new EP The EP. The Ghana-born musician and current Canadian resident focuses the song collection on a “social narrative of an African immigrant living in North America”. Themes ranging from commentary on poverty and war to disillusionment with government certainly promote an awareness of social justice – or injustice – but Kojo would prefer listeners think of his music as simply dealing with life. All four tracks on The EP are available to listen to and download through Bandcamp.

Although Damptey is already hard at work recording his next single “Daylight Robbery” (planned release October 2012), his work on The EP is still going strong. The Canadian tour schedule runs from August 25th through December 1st and includes stops at Baltimore House and The George Quo-Eno Art Studio, both in Hamilton. More dates are sure to follow so keep an eye on Damptey’s official Twitter feed. In the meantime, check out the video for the first single “Illusion” below.

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