Quiet, Please Released on Xbox

Quiet, Please by Nostatic Software for XBLIG

Nostatic Software, creators of Block Zombies and Kung Fu FIGHT! have announced the release of their latest Xbox Live indie game Quiet, Please.

Quiet, Please! is an homage to the old-school adventure game, with a pixel-art styled environment for the player to explore and interact with to solve puzzles. It is meant both for gamers that remember the early adventure games, and also people who are just looking for a fun, light-hearted gameplay experience that isn’t just about blowing things up. Not that I have anything against blowing things up – my last game (Block Zombies) involved plenty of that…

Overall, my goal was to create a fun bit of engaging gameplay to put a smile on the player’s face, and a little imaginary world that they will remember fondly after they have completed the game.

The adventure game is a genre sorely lacking in Xbox Live’s Indie Games marketplace, so this one’s worth checking out even if only to see if it can fill that gap. You can find out more about this title and others from Nostatic Software by checking out their website. Quiet, Please is available now for 80 MSP.

Quiet, Please by Nostatic Software for XBLIG

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