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Magicians and Looters Review

For those looking for a Metroidvania experience, look no further. Magicians and Looters does not disappoint.

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Straco by Not Very Original for Xbox

Straco: Episode One Review

Straco blends tower defense with straight up twin-stick shooting action. But does it work?

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Sententia Review

The second game showcased for the Indie Game Uprising III is a puzzle/platformer by Michaels Arts. But how does it hold up?

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Chompy Chomp Chomp

Chompy Chomp Chomp Review

Frantic eat-em up action!

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Quiet, Please Released on Xbox

Nostatic Software announces the release of their adventure game Quiet, Please.

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Zombie Crossing Review

You might as well let the undead overrun this tower defence game. It has good ideas and can be fun, but this just makes its stupid design mistakes and game-ruining bugs that much more galling.

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