Snakez Gunz & Ladderz Released on Xbox Live Indie Games

Snakes Gunz & Ladderz

From the tranquil beginnings of snakes first outings through the perilous waves of gun toting worms and flying ants, Snakez Gunz and ladderz truly is a game for everyone! 11 levels of adventure and varied challenges ensure hours of endless fun. Have you got what it takes to become Top Snaker? – Jonathan Lee, DaddyPigGames

U.K.-based indie developer Jonathan Lee of DaddyPigGames is proud to announce the release of his very first game, Snakez Guns & Ladderz, through Xbox Live’s Indie Games marketplace.

Snakez Guns & Ladderz is a vertically-scrolling platformer featuring a variety of hazards, traps, and combative enemies. The game consists of 11 levels ranging from quiet outdoor settings to bug-filled underworlds where you must thwart obstacles and climb your way to the prize waiting at the end.

That covers the “Snakez” and “Ladderz”, but what about the “Gunz”? Along the way you can collect eggs for firepower to help dissuade all sorts of flying, crawling, and squirming insects hell-bent on your destruction.

Snakez Gunz & Ladderz for Xbox 360


Snakez, Gunz & Ladderz is available now for 80 Microsoft Points in the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace with a trial available for free. If you’re into platformer games, check out the trailer below to see the game in action.



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