BludWorks Announces INDIE-POCALYPSE Giveaway

BludWorks Indie-Pocalypse Giveaway

PC indie game bundles have been all the rage in the past year. However, that’s left gamers on other platforms feeling a little left out. That’s all about to change. Indie games press site BludWorks has announced the INDIE-POCALYPSE Giveaway for Xbox Live Indie Games fans.

The bundle of games in the giveaway consists of over 20 Xbox Live Indie Games titles, 3 of which that will be available as soon as they’re released. There are smaller bundle prizes that will also be given away as part of the promotion. The contest will run from Saturday March 24th through April 7th 2012. There are a few ways to enter the contest, all of which are detailed below.

How to enter the INDIE-POCALYPSE Giveaway:
  • Gain entry into the INDIE-POCALYPSE Big bundle – Download 7 trials of the (GAMES LISTED) and take a pictures of proof and send it to our email with the subject (INDIE-POCALYPSE).  You can gain an additional entry if you include 7 more trials and pictures of proof. (Download History on or take a snap shot of it on your dashboard)
  • To gain another entry to the INDIE-POCALYPSE Big Bundle, donate to our choice of charity at KCENTSTUDIOS Mercy Children’s Hospital and send us an email at with subject “Charity Entry” with your name and proof of donation.  Do not include sensitive personal information.
  • Gain entry into the Wittle bundles – You must tweet out “I want to win the #XBLIG Wittle Bundle @TheIndieMine #WittleIndiePocalypse”
  • Another Entry in the Wittle bundles – Send an email telling us your favorite Xbox Indie Game and take a picture of you playing it to with subject ‘Wittle Bundle Pic’


Check out the official trailer for the giveaway, including first-looks at A-Band the Game and 48 Chambers which haven’t been released yet.


in case you missed any titles in the trailer above, here’s the complete list of games: 

Additional games added after the start of the event:


We here at The Indie Mine want to give a heartfelt congratulations to for pulling off this amazing promotion benefiting Mercy Children’s Hospital. We encourage everyone to help these kids and maybe win some fun games in the process.

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  1. April 14, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

    Congrats to the following winners:

    Dave Pittaway.(Grand Prize Winner)
    Keith Ballard, Ethan Taylor, Ben Tedder, Noah Jette (Wittle Bundle Winners)

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