Baldwin Games Releases Music Video for Where Adam Fell

Baldwin Games - Where Adam Fell

If you haven’t heard of Baldwin Games it’s likely not a huge shock as they’re an indie band that has just formed within the past year. Not to be confused with actors hawking Capital One credit cards, the group’s comprised mostly of siblings living in Provo, Utah and originally from Newbury Park, California. Categorizing themselves as “family banjo rock” and drawing comparisons to Mumford and Sons and the Goo Goo Dolls, all of the members in the band come from professional music backgrounds.

Today, March 26th, they’re pleased to announce the release of a music video for their brand new single Where Adam Fell. The focus of the video is about “how much our economic vote matters in ethical and moral scheme of things” according to band member Nate Baldwin. In making the video, the band tries to highlight all of the media the public consumes year-round and present it in a condensed form for the purpose of self analysis. In trying to create something new and fresh, band pianist Kenny Baldwin says “There are just too many songs about the same old things. We want to sing about the reality of morality and at the very least say things in a new way.”

Not only does the band hope to draw in a bigger audience from the new video, they also plan to use it to help win support in Muse Music’s upcoming Battle of the Bands on April 11th. Last summer the band finished in 2nd place at the Provo Food and Care Coalition Battle of the Bands. Two of the members, Jared Meek and Kevin Baldwin, are taking a two-year hiatus soon so this may be the last chance to check out the current ensemble for awhile.

Before you run off to check out their Facebook page, have a look below at their music video for Where Adam Fell.


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