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Ergaster and the Habilis by Neebla Games

Ergaster and the Habilis Review

Ergaster and the Habilis is Lemmings with the benevolent god replaced by a caveman.

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Knightmare Tower Review

Slay monsters and rescue princesses in this amazing experience for iOS, Android, OUYA, and Steam.

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Zelik Adventures by TecnAgon

Zelik Adventures Review

Zelik Adventures combines the awkward controls of mobile platformers with the pointless monotony of Facebook games.

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Splashy Slime by paranoiax

Splashy Slime Review

Splashy Slime is a great game that exceeds expectations of what a mobile platformer can do.

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Four Sided Fantasy by Ludo Land

Four Sided Fantasy Preview

Four Sided Fantasy looks like a promising sequel to Ludo Land’s critically-acclaimed game The Fourth Wall.

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Hilomi by Yamago

Hilomi Review

Yamago’s new Android and iOS puzzle game, Hilomi, may have some issues, but it is definitely worth your time.

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Forward to the Sky by Magichnology

Forward to the Sky Preview

Magichnology’s action adventure title in the works, Forward to the Sky, looks very promising.

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10 Second Ninja

10 Second Ninja Review

Destroy an army of Nazi robots as swiftly as possible in this demanding, fast-paced platformer

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Default Dan Preview

Default Dan is a platformer that will work against everything that you think you know about platforming.

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Super Obstacle Boy

Super Obstacle Boy Preview

Get ready for a blast from the 8-bit platforming past on your iOS device.

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