The Indie Strategy Bundle and Giveaway

The Indie Strategy Bundle from Bundle In A Box

The folks over at Bundle In A Box have struck again with another of their thematic indie gaming bundles. This time the bundle’s aimed at the critical thinking gamers out there. The Indie Strategy Bundle includes up to 11 games spread across two donation tiers.

Those willing to chip in $1.99 or more will gain access to:

  • AI War
  • Us and Them – Cold War
  • Creeper World
  • Storms Over the Pacific
  • Strategic War in Europe
  • The Trouble With Robots
  • Age of Conquest III

Contributors willing to go above and beyond the average price will also net copies of:

  • Mayhem Intergalactic
  • Project Aftermath
  • Fall Weiss
  • Creeper World 2

The games are available on a mix of platforms (PC, Mac, Linux), so be sure to check out the Bundle In A Box website to find out more about each game and what format each is available in.

As with their previous bundles, Bundle In A Box is offering bonus unlockable extras when certain sales numbers have been hit. Those bonuses include artwork, soundtracks, and even a twelfth game: AI War Prototype.

It also wouldn’t be a BIAB bundle without some charitable work. Some of the proceeds will be going to the Indie Dev Grant (the winning developer will be selected via voting) and The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family.

If you’re feeling lucky, try your hand at our giveaway below. The folks at BIAB have been kind enough to give us a few bundles to raffle off. There are plenty of ways to enter, so be sure to try them all to increase your odds of walking away a winner. And if you don’t win, please consider picking up the bundle anyway.

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