Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle and Giveaway

Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle

Bundle In A Box is back with another indie gaming bundle, but they’re switching things up a bit this time by teaming up with another indie resource. BIAB is partnering with indie review site Ordinary Gamer to bring gaming fans a collection of 11 different indie titles. The minimum price for the Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle is sitting at just $1.99, and many of the included titles are available through multiple services and on different platforms.

Five games are included in the bundle for matching or beating that minimum price:


Those who donate more than the average price will net six additional games:

  • Rooks Keep (which we’ve previewed)
  • Hairy Tales
  • Isaac The Adventurer
  • Cognition Episode 2
  • Along Came A Spider
  • The Grave Digger


Bundle In A Box has long been associated with the Indie Dev Grant which helps a few lucky indie studios with the funding for their projects. For every 100 sales of this bundle, $15 goes towards that cause. This time around, BIAB is also working with the AbleGamers Charity, a group devoted to improving the quality of life for gamers with disabilities. They offer a community portal for discussing the issues surrounding the accessibility of all games, and they also provide free consultation to developers who want to make sure that everyone can play their titles. This charity will receive 30% of the net earnings from this sale.

As with all Bundle In A Box bundles, there are bonus rewards unlocked when certain sales milestones are reached.  The unlockables this time around include five soundtracks and a whole bunch of wallpapers and other artwork from the games in the bundle. Go out and help your fellow consumers earn these extras by picking up the bundle here. You can also check out trailers for each of the games included.

Try your hand at our giveaway for a chance to win a bundle, but please consider supporting the cause even if you don’t win. Spread the word using the social links on the left.
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