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To hell with all these humans, it’s time to show the meatbags just who the boss is around these parts. Asthree Works’ upcoming 2D side-scrolling adventure Paradise Lost: First Contact intends to let you do just that, placing you into the multi-limbed body of an alien species hell bent on escaping from its imprisonment in a shady underground laboratory.

Fans of the older Metroid games need to start getting excited right about now. Paradise Lost attempts to go back to the classic days of large sprawling 2D landscapes, in which you navigate the various corridors and rooms in search of the next upgrade or door key to progress. Don’t expect a carbon copy of the classics though, as the tables are turned for the player in Paradise Lost compared to the old Metroidvania games. You’re an alien trying to escape, not a six foot alien-slaying maiden, and the gameplay reflects this as you’ll have to trade a blaster for the more refined approach of trickery and stealth. Ventilation shafts, storage containers, and perhaps even a body cavity or two will have to be utilised along with a number of strange alien abilities like poison gas and hardened skin if you want to make it out alive.

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The game is slated for a December 2014 release date, with the devs stating that they “want to put everything we have on it. It’s on early stage of development so we need at least one year to make it right.” You can find out more about the game on its official website, as well as the current Kickstarter campaign and Greenlight page.

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