Travelling Tribal Preview

Travelling Tribal

Regular visitors to our site over the past couple of months may already be familiar with indie developer Mike Knight and Hellboy Studios. Mike has been sharing his development experience in a series of blog posts covering everything from coming up with a game concept to creating an icon for an app store. That knowledge has come, in part, from the process of developing Hellboy Studios’ latest game,¬†Travelling Tribal.

Travelling Tribal is a 2D platformer for Android devices and features a protagonist named – oddly enough – Travelling Tribal. TT experiences the familiar story of a young man wanting to get out and see the world. That adventure turns into a nightmare, though, as he must face giant bees, hungry sharks, and evil tribesmen in order to complete his journey. Armed with magical spells and mystical abilities, he’s not completely defenseless against his foes, but players must react quickly to the dangers.

Travelling Tribal gameplay

Travelling Tribal is due out on September 30th for Android smartphones and tablets. The initial release will come in both English and Korean language formats. Have a look at the recently-released teaser trailer below, and follow Hellboy Studios on Twitter and Facebook as they wrap up development.

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