Track Review: Femmepop – Timescapes

Margaret O'Sullivan of Femmepop

Margaret O’Sullivan of Femmepop

Femmepop’s leading lady, Margaret O’Sullivan, is back with her third single, “Timescapes”. The infectious pop track is a collaboration with Timecop1983, the mastermind behind the synth loops and pulsating beat. Ms. O’Sullivan provided the lyrics and vocals, and together the two create a dreamy and uplifting electronic track that will stick with you.

O’Sullivan’s vocals are sweet and delicate, with powerful lyrics like, “Those days will never die cause they burn inside of me.” Delving into themes of memories and the pain of leaving someone behind, her vocals pour out with honesty and the power of love. At times, O’Sullivan’s voice is reminiscent of Madonna’s style in the 80s, accompanied perfectly by Timecop’s dreamy synth. Fans of the Drive soundtrack will also appreciate the track’s electronic 80s feel.

Femmepop’s debut album is slated for a summer 2014 release. “Timescapes” is available as a digital download from Bandcamp, and you can also listen to her previous singles, “1983” and “Beautiful Boy” as well as her 2009 EP, Kick.

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