Track Review: Go Life – I’m Not Really Here & Waves

UK native Rhys Viney has released two captivating tracks under the moniker, Go Life. Go Life may still be in its early stages, but the production quality and songwriting is quite brilliant. “I’m Not Really Here” is an ambient, pensive track that carries a hint of sadness, but the blend of 80s synth pop and today’s chillwave create an equal amount hopefulness. Honest and tender, the song is a dreamy reflection of the hopes and dreams that we all carry with us.

Go Life is the dreamy new solo project of UK artist, Rhys Viney.

Go Life is the dreamy new solo project of UK artist, Rhys Viney.

The second track, “Waves,” also features a prominent synth pop sound. What starts out as a slow, methodical rhythm evolves into a pulsating declaration with solid bass drum carrying the track. Viney’s thoughtful lyrics and soft vocals are tinted with pop undertones as dreamy surf guitar interjects his thoughts of loneliness and heartache.

Both “I’m Not Really Here” and “Waves” are strong tracks with a clean, polished sound. So far, Go Life carries a consistency in feel without sounding dull or redundant, and it is evident that there is a tremendous sense of creativity and genuine emotion that went into the lyrics and composition. Go Life is an aptly named project, emanating all that is and all that is possible for everyone.

“I’m Not Really Here” and “Waves” are both available for free to stream or download on SoundCloud. You can also check out Go Life’s first singles, “Keep Breathing” and “You And Me.”

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