Sundae Factory Announces Indiegogo Campaign for Ecotone

Sundae Factory

Sundae Factory, a new 3-man indie development studio out of Montpellier, France,  has announced details on their first title. Ecotone is a single-player platformer coming to PC and Mac. Promising a “unique, dreamlike, and mysterious atmosphere” and a skill system for your character, the player’s avatar must cross a world filled with exotic creatures and monsters.

One interesting aspect to Ecotone is that each level features a different type of gameplay whether it be speed-based, puzzle solving, gravity-based challenges, and more. Each level also thematically centers on a sentence that will often bear a key to getting to the finish. This sounds perfect for riddle fans out there.

Ecotone by Sundae Factory

Riddles in each stage give clues to success

Sundae Factory can’t finish Ecotone on their own and have turned to an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the $12,000 needed to get the game finished and published. Everything from free copies of the game to beta access to figurines are some of the perks being offered. Initial funding will go towards legal fees, software property rights, sound design, and marketing costs. Should the campaign exceed the goal, there are plans to bring Ecotone to mobile platforms.

Stay tuned to The Indie Mine for future updates on Ecotone, and you can get your info straight from Sundae Factory by checking them out on Twitter and Facebook.



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