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God Factory: Wingmen is an online space shooter being developed by Nine Dots Studio and recently came out of a closed beta, so hopefully will be due for release relatively soon. In the meantime why not check out their website and the gameplay in the video below.

When you first start the game you are given a choice of two species out of four and essentially two ships out of four. Human, Guantri, Arblos, and Chorion are the choices available. Human ships serve well as hit and run ships for focusing enemy carrier parts, Guantri serve well as jacks of all trades and have unique beam weapons, Arblos have the slowest ships with the most brute strength when it comes to damage, and Chorion have tanky, medium speed ships that I like to use for defense. Chorion ships are also probably the best class 1 ships.

In the only game mode currently available, two teams of 1-4 players face off and attempt to kill each other’s carriers. The carriers are much larger than the player controlled ships and have many different parts to them that can be destroyed. Destroying different parts causes different responses. For example, destroying the hull of a carrier grants 20% more damage vs all other parts of the carrier. All players start off in the dock of their carriers which you can return to in order to replenish ammo and have your ships regenerate their shields. You get to pick two ships for each match, so typically you want to switch between the two throughout the game in order to never be using a ship with too little health.

Quote from Guillaume Boucher-Vidal (President of Nine Dots and Game designer for GoD): “Our game offers the best space dogfighting every, yet no one has heard of it.” 



While I don’t know that the above statement is 100% accurate, the dogfighting in the game is a lot of fun as a result of how customizable the ships are as well as the smooth controls and the various weapon types and abilities. And not too many people have actually heard about the game. As long you have 4+ players for a 2v2 or better then you will most likely have a lot of fun with the game as you try and take out different parts of the enemy carrier and engage in dogfights for both offensive and defensive purposes. 1v1’s on the other hand are not too much fun because they most often just involve attempting to slowly “rush” down each others carrier, while ignoring each other due to how hard it is to kill an enemy player in a 1v1. The more players, the more fun.

Playing the game is a ton of fun, but so is creating ships. With 4 classes to pick from and 12 different parts needed to assemble a playable ship, with many different choices for each part available, you are able to create truly unique ships. Each part you pick for your ship, whether it is the cockpit or the main weapon, changes the look of your ship too. You can also personalize the appearance of your ship by changing the paint job (changing the paint is always free).

The game felt a lot like a free to play game to me and the reason for that is because of the way progression works in the game. You have to buy all parts for your ships with credits which you earn through playing games (you get more for winning). Another barrier is the 6-rank system where every part is in a rank. You need to be rank 6 to use or buy a rank 6 part; everyone starts at rank 1 and ranks up slowly from playing. I could have easily seen this game being free to play with another currency for buying parts which would be purchasable.


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