Pamplemousse Demo Released

Canadian developer Deirdra Kiai has created something that quite frankly no one’s likely ever seen: a stop motion musical adventure game. Kiai has created a demo for the upcoming Dominique Pamplemousse in “It’s All Over Once the Fat Lady Sings!” Quite the name to match such a niche title, but that’s the essence of the indie spirit. The game is also targeted at multiple platforms including iPad, Mac, and Windows PC’s.

A detective mystery frames the plot of Pamplemousse, but in a unique twist it is told like a stage musical complete with singing dialog that the user can control. Characters are animated through stop motion using art assets made from real objects created by Kiai herself. When you add in the brass music, I honestly can’t remember seeing this amount of variety in creative work included in a game by just one person.

Pamplemousse puppets

Some of the puppets used in the stop motion animation

As promising as the game looks, Pamplemousse is in need of financial assistance. As with previous title Life Flashes By, the developer is seeking crowdfunding to help complete the game. In this case, Kiai has turned to Indiegogo to campaign for those much-needed funds. The campaign page includes a video showing off the game, but also a link to the free, playable demo that’s now available. Rewards for helping fund the game include everything from the basic copy of the game and early access to more creative souvenirs like a piece of scenery or puppet from the game. The perks really mirror the creativity of the developer herself, and it’s pretty neat that she’d be willing to part with the physical pieces that helped make the game. There are only a few days left in the campaign, so give the demo a try and decide for yourself  whether the fat lady has sung on Pamplemousse.



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