Frogdice Launches Dungeon of Elements Kickstarter Campaign

Dungeon Of Elements by FrogdiceWe’re no strangers to development studio Frogdice having interviewed producer Mike Hartman about past games like Coin n’ Carry and Threshold. The developers have moved onto a brand new title, Dungeon of Elements, which takes place in the same universe as those previous games. The team is currently seeking funding for the game through Kickstarter.

Dungeon of Elements is the latest in a line of games that attempts to meld disparate genres into a cohesive package. The framework is an RPG dungeon crawler that includes character creation, loot collection, and crafting. The combat in the game uses a puzzle system that takes its inspiration from classics like Tetris and Dr. Mario.

The game is actually fairly close to completion, so the Kickstarter campaign is really meant to bring an extra layer of polish particularly in sound design. Pledging $15 or more will net backers a copy of the game, and higher-tier rewards include digital artwork, virtual currency for other Frogdice titles, exclusive in-game weapons, invitations to the launch party and more.

The development team has done a great job showing off what Dungeon of Elements is really about, and you can get a first-hand look at how it’s progressing by checking out the campaign’s official video on the Kickstarter page. That page also has much more detailed information about the game including the story, details about boss battles, and more about the world in which the game takes place. With just over two weeks to go, the campaign is sitting around 65% funded, so there’s still plenty of help needed.

Dungeon of Elements ruined chapel

Puzzle games and dungeon crawlers collide in Dungeon of Elements

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