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TOTMCreativity is oftentimes lacking in games created by larger companies because they are just trying to make the most money possible. If they do something out of the box they risk failure and loss of money. This is where the indie scene comes in; independent game developers don’t have millions to lose, so they can afford to get creative. TOTM, like many indie games, breaks away from the normal and says let’s make a game with animals that cast spells.

The game doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but is meant to come out on PC in 2014. Two brothers created the game by themselves, and even created an engine for it from scratch. When considering this the game’s graphics are absolutely stunning, especially when compared to other independent games. It will be a combat-oriented multiplayer action game with limited single player. Graphics aren’t everything though, and whether or not the game will be any good will rely on one thing: its combat.

Daniel and Tobias claim that the spells which the combat will orbit around are going to be complex and different than what we usually see. Along with complex defense mechanics it sounds as though the combat could turn out amazing, but unlike with most other things, you can only really tell if a games combat is good by experiencing it for yourself. This is even truer when you consider that everyone has their own personal taste.

Overall, the risks of this game lie in its choice to go strictly combat focused multiplayer. It will rely on the mechanics being engaging and interesting enough to maintain a decent sized community for however long its lifespan needs to be. So far it definitely looks like the two brothers are capable of making this a successful game though and pushing through all the difficulties.

They are currently on Steam Greenlight so if you’d like to check the game out for yourself or support it, you can visit their Greenlight page. The brothers also have a website where you can find more information on the game at

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