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Tengami by Nyamyam

The developers at Nyamyam are out to prove that pop-up books aren’t just for kids. The UK-based studio is hard at work on Tengami, an Asian-inspired ‘point & touch’ adventure game. The game received an IndieCade nomination back in 2012 and development looks to be finally approaching the finish line.

Tengami is part puzzle game, part artistic experience. The game is presented as a pop-up book with Japan as the major influence for the setting. Minimalist, yet beautiful paper backdrops and architecture make up a textural landscape, and the player must guide a protagonist forward from one scene to another. A recent trailer (shown below) highlights the type of puzzle elements that the player must solve using pop-up book mechanics in order to proceed.

It’s important to note, though, that those challenges aren’t the focus of the game. The developers are trying to create an atmospheric feel with the artistic style and music. I absolutely love the color palettes and scenery depicted in the early screenshots and can’t wait to see more of it in action. A big part of the ambiance is the music, and composer David Wise also worked on the Donkey Kong Country series as well as newer entry Tropical Freeze.

Tengami by NyamyamTengami by Nyamyam

Tengami will be a multi-platform title with the initial iOS release targeted for the early part of this year. Nyamyam will be making an announcement this month regarding the actual release date. Later this year, the devs are also targeting a release on the Wii U eShop with ports also planned for PC and Mac. The PC and Mac versions as well as the soundtrack can be pre-ordered through Tengami’s website.


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