Adventure game Save Them Sheeps revealed

Save Them Sheeps by MyCodedLife

Indie game studio MyCodedLife is hard at work with development on their current project Save Them Sheeps. While certain features are still under consideration, a number of details have been revealed about this action/adventure game coming to PC and XBLIG.

The plot involves mutton-addicted aliens kidnapping sheep from half a dozen different planets in order to feed their craving, and it’s the player’s responsibility to save the wooly wanderers. The game is played in 3D worlds with a strong emphasis on physics-based gameplay, while in-game cutscenes are included to advance the story. An online scoreboard is planned while features like local multiplayer and avatar support are still being considered.

The game looks to be pretty early on, but the developers are frequently updating their progress via the official website and Twitter. The website includes devblog trailers like the one included below. No release date has been revealed at this time, so stay tuned to The Indie Mine for updates.


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