BlueGiant Interactive Announces RTS Tryst

Tryst by BlueGiant Interactive

India-based indie studio BlueGiant Interactive has officially unveiled their upcoming RTS Tryst. Based in a futuristic setting, humans battle the Zali, a mechanical alien species. Just in case you assumed the story is one-sided, you can actually pick which faction you’re going to take control of.

There’s more to worry about in Tryst than just the enemy. Environmental dangers will appear and players must react or perish. There’s also a tactical element in that you can use the environment to ambush the enemy.

One of the features touted in Tryst is the A.R.M. or Augmentation Research Mechanism. It’s basically a system which allows the player to customize load-outs on their units to give them specific advantages if, say, a particular situation would benefit from some tweaking. This pairs with the ability to give your individual units unique upgrades to help diversify their roles.

Tryst by BlueGiant Interactive

Customization is key in Tryst

8-player pvp is included in the game, and should a teammate need to drop out, they will be replaced by a “competitive and intelligent” AI member. Tryst will have a matchmaking lobby, clans, stat tracking, Steam achievements and leaderboards, replays, and more. The map editor will allow players to create and share new team-based and free-for-all battlefields with friends. It sounds like they’re really pushing a solid multiplayer experience that will hopefully keep players around for awhile.

No release date or price have been revealed for Tryst, so stay tuned to The Indie Mine for future updates and announcements. In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer below.

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