Gua-Le-Ni Update Available for iPad

Gua Le Ni by Double JungleGua-Le-Ni, literally translated to The Horrendous Parade, is an action-puzzle game from Italian developer Double Jungle. Drawing its inspiration from an essay by Scottish philosopher Dave Hume, the game tasks players with recognizing the different parts that make up a series of monstrous animal creations. These creatures are fleeing the area and it’s up to the player to turn and rearrange a group of cubes with pictures and words that match the different parts of the animal on screen. Once the player forms the name of the animal, that feeds the animal to keep it from running away and catalogs it.


It’s not as confusing as it sounds, but take a look at the trailer below for a clearer picture of the mechanics.



Intriguing, right? Well after the successful December 2011 launch, the developers are back with an update for Gua-Le-Ni. A variety of new animal parts, a better tutorial system, and a brand new game mode are packed into the update. The new game mode is called ‘Poetry’ and contains some really great artwork in the background. To coincide with the launch, Double Jungle has released a new trailer showing off some of these new features. CheckĀ  it out below and remember you can pick up Gua-Le-Ni through the AppStore now for your iPad.


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