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Drone Invaders

Drone Invaders Review

A fun and truly mobile shoot ‘em up from Bigosaur!

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Qb Qb Qb

QbQbQb Review

A beautiful, minimalist, yet intense take on the match-three puzzle genre worth everyone’s attention.

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PUK to Get Two New Game Modes

Back in April I played, loved, and reviewed the game PUK. Four months later I’m still playing, and Laser Dog is still adding free content.

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Valkyrius Review

Classic arcade style bullet-hell action with a modern twist

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PUK Review

Biscuits and gravy prove it – sometimes you just can’t beat simple, and mobile games don’t get much simpler than PUK.

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Arcadecraft by Firebase Industries

Arcadecraft Review

How would you handle the meteoric rise and fall of the early 80s arcade industry?

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Unstoppable Fist Review

Retro style infinite-attack action from Ragtag Studios (with blonde mullets).

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Octopede Review

An arcade classic evolves – but for better, or for worse?

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