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Paperbound is a combat-centric indie game developed by Dissident Logic. The title focuses on Super Smash Bros.-esque local multiplayer in that there are four players in one arena for every match. Where it attempts to differentiate itself is in the unique way it handles combat combined with the manipulation of gravity.

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The alteration of gravity and smooth movement make dodging and pulling off all sorts of awesome kills possible. A variety of different selectable characters and level variance ensure that the game doesn’t get repetitive too fast. Overall, these features along with the different weapons make for exciting combat that allows for both tense and intensely frantic moments. While there are other games in the same vein as Paperbound, none of them to my knowledge allow the freedom that Paperbound’s movement system and manipulation of gravity allow, both of which add much to combat.

Besides gameplay, Paperbound also has good sound design going for it. For most games I feel the need to put my own music on in the background, unless there is a good story with professional voice acting. Paperbound’s music fits well with the game and there is enough of it to where I never think about turning down the sound. It has an epic score of ominous music which helps to bring suspense into play.

While the game is currently local multiplayer only, the developers are looking into having someone add network support to make it online as well. If they do manage to give it online multiplayer, I think it will become that much better of a game. But if not, in its current form it is already a fun “couch” game that is going to receive further polish. Paperbound is set for release this Fall and will most likely have a starting price between 10-15 USD. Note that the game is currently on Steam Greenlight and could use your vote.

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