Update Brings Steam Workshop Support To Door Kickers

Door Kickers Updated

Continuing with their rampage against wooden doors everywhere, Indie studio Killhouse Games have just updated their Early Access title Door Kickers with a host of extra content.

Players can now utilize the Squad Doctrine Tree, which will allow you to spend promotion points on improving your squad each time you level up. By doing so, the folks at Killhouse Games say that this will help to remove any unnecessary micromanagement as you won’t need to progress each squad member individually, keeping things squarely focused on the team effort.

Modding has also been given a facelift with the inclusion of the Steam Workshop. This will allow any player-created content to be pooled into one localized place, allowing easy management of any custom levels or game features you wish to use. Those looking to create content can also check out this handy ‘how-to’ guide on how to create your content.

For a full list of features, check out the list below:


  • Bigger maps (zoom/scroll enabled for all maps)
  • New scenario type: Protect the VIP
  • Three new enemy types (Operator Orville, Juggernaut Emil, Assassins)
  • Three new maps
  • Improved enemy/SWAT AI
  • Export replays to video
  • Modding support + in-game mods menu
  • Steam Workshop support
  • Can resume a game anytime during a replay
  • Added enemy ghosts for last visible location


  • Added maxFPS and vertical-sync in options.xml
  • Improved FPS / loading time
  • Game size reduced significantly (due to compressed textures)
  • Can now hide the HUD while playing; not yet in replay mode
  • Multiple graphics improvements
  • Rebalanced armor types
  • Rebalanced 9mm and .40 caliber vs .45 caliber pistols
  • New sounds
  • Game now loads .dds files in addition to .tga and .png
  • New door types added – elevator and bus doors


  • Can no longer be heard through walls when picking locks
  • Fixed a couple of replay-desync bugs
  • Fixed some ambient sounds that were too loud

Modding/Structure changes:

  • Changed location of single mission and RMG repositories
  • The distance at which shots are heard is now specific to each weapon
  • The noise distances for stealthily opening a door vs kicking it down are now configured separately.

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