Eden Industries announces Waveform updates

Last spring The Indie Mine brought readers coverage of Eden Industries’ successful PC action game Waveform. Not long after the initial launch, leaderboard competitions and DLC were released to give players added incentive to return to Waveform‘s universe. While other projects have surfaced from Eden Industries, Waveform continues to be supported and the developers have been good enough to share the news with us.

Waveform by Eden IndustriesThe first big announcement is support for additional platforms. Ports for both iOS and Android are currently being developed. No official release date has been provided, but mobile gaming fans can look forward to saving the universe on their touch-based devices later this year.

The other announcement is apparently another one of the most-requested features: music import. Eden Industries is adding a mode that will allow players to import their own music to the game. Waveform will automatically create a level based on the song’s characteristics.

Exciting times are ahead for fans of Waveform and Eden Industries. Stay tuned to The Indie Mine for future announcements including release dates.

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  1. mxtomek
    January 23, 2013 at 2:48 am #

    Thats, great news about own music generated levels. Also good that android port will be made, but probably I will need a new device, because on my phone not working all games

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