Whoferhoom Released on iOS

Developer Anton Legoo has released a new iOS app called Whoferhoom that aims to poke fun at personal ads. Drawing from location-based (you choose the location) Craigslist personal ad postings, players are challenged with figuring out theĀ Whoferhoom on iOSgender connection between the writer and the target. Is it a man trying to track down a woman he met on the bus? Is it a man trying to find another man he met at the club last night? It’s up to you, the player, to draw conclusions based on the limited information provided.

There were a few qualities I really enjoyed about this app. For starters, it’s fun to see local locales and events appear in these postings. In some cases you’re able to draw some subtext from the locations involved if you know them. It’s also fun just to see how terrible people can be in terms of trying to ‘pick up’ other people. The awful lines and terrible spelling are even more enjoyable than the ads you’d see in the Sunday paper. If nothing else, it’s also a look into how individuals of opposite gender or sexual orientation view others. There were instances where I was sure it was a man trying to pick up a woman only to find out that it was really a woman trying to connect with a man.

Whoferhoom is free through Sunday, May 20th and will sell for $.99 after that.


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