Bomb The Zombies Released

Bomb The Zombies by net mobile AG
net mobile AG, a European indie studio, has announced the release of Bomb The Zombies through both the App Store and Google Play. The developers have previously released Astral Commander and Greedy Pigs.

Bomb the Zombies is a casual strategy puzzle game for iOS and Android and the first level is available for free. The main gist of the game has players knocking over building walls that hold both zombie hordes and hostages. Careful precision is needed to harm the baddies and save the good guys all while conserving ammunition. The gameplay appears comparable to Angry Birds but with some rules and perspective twists. Check out the full list of game features below then head on over to your digital distribution service of choice to pick up the game.

Bomb The Zombies by net mobile AG

Bomb The Zombies features:
●     Test your strategy skills in this realistic physics puzzle game
●     Advance through 90 levels across 6 uniquely designed worlds featuring challenging obstacles filled with pint-sized zombie creatures
●     See beautifully designed characters and territories overrun by zombies, including the Metropolis, Haunted Castle, Ancient Ruins and Pirate Bay
●     Choose from a variety of ammo that you can use to topple building walls and squish zombies, while protecting the innocent hostages
●     Lob bombs at zombies using intuitive tap and toss controls, which are easy to learn and accessible for players at all ages
●     Challenge and rank against other players and friends around the world through the global high score system in the Game Center and Scoreloop
●     Collect treasure boxes in the field to earn extra points, and purchase coins in-app to buy additional unlocked levels and future mystery upgrades

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