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Vergecore InteractiveThere are a number of indie game distribution services and sites out there. In fact, we covered a number of them in a feature around this time last year. I think you’d be hard-pressed, though, to find an indie developers that doesn’t think that they need all the help they can get. UK-based Vergecore Interactive has officially stepped in to help today with the launch of their website.

Vergecore is an online games publisher, licensor, and distributor handling mostly indie games, but a few AAA titles as well. The games include those found on browser, client, and mobile platforms. So not only do developer have an additional source through which to sell their games, Vergecore will also offer publishing opportunities for free-to-play and premium titles. In the true indie spirit, Vergecore assures us that they refrain from exerting any influence over the the development of the titles they publish. Marketing campaigns, community development, and even QA are additional services that are available.

To celebrate the Vergecore launch, we’ve partnered with their site to bring our readers some redeemable coupons exclusive to The Indie Mine:

Get a 50% discount during checkout in the store  (valid until June 26th):  INDIEMINE-HALFPRICE

Vergecore Interactive



Get 1,500 free Vergecoins which can be redeemed via the user’s Vergecoins Dashboard (valid until July 12th): INDIEMINE-1500

Vergecore Interactive


There will be other sites offering similar Vergecoins promotions out there. The great thing is that our Vergecoins coupon can be redeemed on top of theirs. Vergecoins are the virtual currency for users to purchase games from the store. They can be earned through playing their games and by participating in the community and forums. Eventually they will be integrated into a majority of their games as the virtual currency within each of those worlds.

More games will be steadily introduced onto the site over the next few months, but for now hop on over to the site, check out the games, and use those coupons before they expire!


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