Narcosis Preview

 Narcosis Preview

Newly revealed psychological horror title, Narcosisis being shown off this week during the mass game developer gathering that is GDC. To accompany the official announcement, a host of screenshots and some background information have begun to trickle out from the studio.

Narcosis will be set at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. As you awake to the aftermath of a catastrophic incident that has left you stranded on the ocean floor, you’ll have to rely on your flashlight, flares, and a knife, as you fight your way across hostile waters in search of a way back to the surface.

Maintaining your oxygen levels will also play into your fight for survival in a dramatic way. Lack of oxygen will cause you to lose grip of your sanity, slowly distorting your vision, hearing, and even your perception of time. If that wasn’t bad enough, each time you encounter something dangerous or distressing, your stress levels will rise, causing you to consume oxygen at a faster rate.

Little else is known about this ambitious project, other than that it is penned for a 2015 release date. Until then, I guess you’ll have to make do with this moody ocean floor scene.

Narcosis Preview

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